UPDATE: YouTube continues to remove from its servers the video described below of an assault on a white voter in Chicago by a gang of black men and women.
President Barack Obama has yet to repudiate acts of violence and rioting that came in the wake of Donald Trump's unexpected victory on Tuesday. Schools in Oakland, California, released students who then participated in anti-Trump rallies, while students at several universities and colleges also engaged in demonstrations. In Oakland, protesters broke shop windows and burned trash in the street, while others blocked traffic on an interstate highway in Portland, Oregon. 
In Chicago, an amateur video captured a group of three black men and two black women who beat a 50-year-old white man who had apparently voted for Trump. The black supporters of Chicago-native Hillary Clinton cheered and yelled with approval as others attacked the man. Surrounded by his assailants, the white man sought to fend off two black attackers who punched and kicked him.
One person was recorded saying, “Why would you vote Trump, damn it?” Another yelled, "You voted Trump?! Damn, he voted Trump,” while two more black men kicked the victim in the mid-section. When the man attempted to the safety of his car, a black man assaulted him from behind and sucker-punched him in the face. The cheering onlookers laughed, “Don’t vote Trump!” the onlookers laughed.
The video is reportedly now being examined by local police. According to The Daily Caller, the victim is in good condition after being taken to Mount Sinai hospital. The police are claiming that the attack was merely a traffic-related altercation instead of a hate crime. 



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