Speaking to Alisyn Camerota on CNN, Rep. Scott Taylor (R-VA) claimed that the media is “getting played” by covering President Donald Trump’s tweets. In the Monday interview, Taylor recommended that the media should cover "real issues" instead of Trump's tweets. He was responding on CNN’s "New Day" as to whether or not Trump should have tweeted out a video of himself attacking the news network.
On Sunday, Trump tweeted a video of himself beating up a figure with the CNN logo superimposed over its face. Democrats and the media quickly saw in the tweet a threat to journalism. The video used footage from an appearance that Trump made in 2007 on WWE's Wrestlemania. “I think you guys are getting played, man,” Taylor said. “I think every time he does this you guys overreact — and by you guys I mean the media in general — and you play right into his hands.”
Trump makes political points, said Taylor, by utilizing CNN’s negative coverage. When Camerota showed that 92 of Trump’s tweets have supposedly attacked the media as compared to 29 about the military and veterans, Taylor suggested that Trump was responding to CNN’s negative coverage of himself. “What I would like you to do is the next segment you have put up the numbers of your negative coverage of the president as well too,” Taylor said.
“Congressman, that is a crazy suggestion,” Camerota said. For his part, Taylor said that while he would “prefer the president not make some of these tweets,” he does not believe most Americans think the tweet was inciting violence.




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