Michael Moroz of Philadelphia has been chastened by death threats, apparently from fellow high school students, over an opinion article he wrote for his school newspaper. Before Christmas, 17-year-old Moroz wrote the article in The Centralizer – the student publication for Central High in Philadelphia. He criticized the recent protests at the University of Missouri where college students occupied the central campus and demanded that their views about alleged crimes committed against blacks be heard. Regarding the case of Michael Brown, a black teen who was shot to death by a white police officer in Ferguson MO in 2014, Moroz wrote that Brown was "a delinquent" who was "at worst, justifiably killed, and at best, [was] a thug."
While the school was on recess through the end-of-year holiday, threats came in after the article was published on Facebook. Once the article appeared online, internet posts went on social media to urge "someone" to “deal with” and even “shoot” Moroz. Other posts said Moroz is a racist, while also urging the University of Pennsylvania to rescind the acceptance it had offered to him.
Moroz is afraid to return to his school, and is also concerned that he might lose his place at the prestigious Ivy League university this year. On January 7, he told Fox News, “I feel as if I am a pariah in the community.” He added, “People I see on a daily basis have threatened my life. I don’t know how I am going to deal with it.” 
Moroz’s attorney, Jordan Rusdie, said of the circumstances, “They are looking for the destruction of a 17-year-old boy simply because they didn’t agree with his opinion.”
The article in question was paired with one that supported the protests at the University of Missouri, where progressives in the faculty sought to silence student journalists. Moroz’s article has been pulled down but the other remains.
Moroz has lawyered up and has filed a complaint with the Philadelphia Police Department.



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