Author and pundit Ann Coulter has been unrelenting in her criticisms of Delta Airlines ever since Friday when a flight attendant on a New York to Florida flight snatched away Coulter’s ticket and informed her that she must leave a seat for which she had paid extra in advance. Coulter is six feet tall and had gotten a seat with appropriate legroom.

On Tuesday, Coulter tweeted that she discovered the real reason for the removal from her seat. In a tweet, Coulter wrote “Beware of Delta, Republicans: Text from a flight attendant: it was political. Delta still won’t give a reason.” The copy of the anonymous texts she provided:

Person #1: “Someone at the Delta desk saw Ann's name and pick it on purpose? Is there a randomizer when it comes to these situations?”

Person #2: No, someone noticed her, and just wanted to be a jerk and make her life miserable."

Person #1 "That's what I figured."

Person #2 "Yeah, I said that on several secret FB [Facebook] groups of [XXX Airline] employees, they were all hating on Ann, and when I defended her, we went back & forth, and at the end, they acknowledged that it was a Delta employee who targeted Ann on purpose."

Some news outlets and media personalities have sought to ridicule Coulter or minimize her plight. For example, the New York Daily News described her tweets and media appearances about her seat as a “tirade,” while identifying her as “right-wing firebrand” who was in “day four of her tantrum against Delta Air Lines.”

Appearing on “Fox & Friends,” Coulter slammed the “unbelievably arrogant” for giving away her seat with extra leg-room. “It’s been three days now, and Delta still hasn’t given an explanation, much less an apology.” Coulter said on Tuesday, “I mean, they’ve had four days to investigate. Why did they do this?” she later said. “Yes, it’s not the worst thing in the world, but is it that hard for Delta employees to simply be polite and simply give passengers the seat that they booked? Is that such a high hurdle?”

“It was before boarding; I’d picked out the seat I wanted. I was in the waiting area, boarding area, for 90 minutes,” Coulter said Tuesday. “And then as I was boarding, the ticket agent snatched the ticket out of my hand and said, ‘No, we’ve given you a different seat.’ And I said ‘Why?’ and she said, ‘Emergency.’”

Once she was on board the plane, Coulter said that a stewardess asked for our tickets. “...I said, ‘Well, this was the seat I booked but they moved me to another seat I don’t want,’ and she said, ‘You have to move,’ and I said, ‘But why?’ and she said, ‘I don’t know.’”

Delta later apologized and offered Coulter a $30 refund. However, tweets appeared on the Delta account at Twitter, saying that her “insults about our other customers and employees are unacceptable and unnecessary.” Those tweets were deleted.

On “Fox & Friends,” Coulter said: “They’re lying so much about this — that was one of the snarky tweets they sent out,” adding, “No, it’s not about the $30. You gave me a more cramped seat.” “I didn’t insult their employees,” Coulter said. “I admit I did insult their airline — but I insulted them, really, by describing what they did.” Some leftists and liberals disagreed. “Daily Show” host Trevor Noah mocked Coulter as “the airplane Rosa Parks.” “I totally get it,” actor Chris Evans tweeted. “It costs me 75k to brush my teeth. I must pre-select a brush, investigate types of paste, and periodically spit bulls--t.”



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