The body of a child discovered in a culvert in Richardson, Texas, was determined on Tuesday to be the missing Sherin Mathews, a three-year-old girl who went missing earlier in October. Her adoptive father, Wesley Mathews, 37, had originally claimed that he had put his daughter outside their home at about 3 a.m. because she had refused to drink a cup of milk. He later reported that she had disappeared when he went to check on her.

On Monday, Mathews changed the story about Sherin's disappearance. On Sunday, police found a body in a culvert less than a mile from Mathew’s home, determining that it “most likely” Sherin's. Police later confirmed the identity of the corpse by checking dental records. So far, the cause of death has not been confirmed. 

Wesley Mathews told police that Sherin went missing on Oct. 7 after he forced her to stand outside for refusing to drink her milk at 3 a.m. He explained that because she had been malnourished in India, that he and his wife were trying to make her gain weight through routine feedings. His claim sparked a massive search, involving scores of law enforcement officers and volunteers. Cadaver dogs found the deceased girl on Sunday.

Mathew changed his story on Monday. He claimed that he attempted to persuade Sherin to drink milk in the garage of their home. Because she would not listen, Mathews said he “physically assisted” her to drink the milk, according to an arrest warrant. Mathews was arrested on Monday for felony injury to a child.

According to reports, Sherin began choking and coughing until her breathing slowed. After feeling her pulse, Mathews saw that Sherin was dead. He admitted to removing her body from his home. According to Richardson police Sgt. Kevin Perlich, Mathews is being held in jail on a $1 million bond. Sherin’s adoptive mother, Sini Mathews, is not being charged.



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