This week, videographer and provocateur James O’Keefe promised on the Sean Hannity program that he and his Project Veritas team had explosive video material to offer. Today, at a press conference at the annual Conservative Political Action Conference, O’Keefe held a news conference where he released previously unseen video from within the newsroom at CNN.
However, unlike O’Keefe’s previous footage, which involved infiltrating leftist organizations and Democratic party operatives, the video released today was allegedly recorded by a CNN employee who had grown tired of seeing CNN produce biased reports.
According to O'Keefe's website, there are 119 hours of covertly recorded video captured by an insider at CNN, plus another 100 hours of footage that are still to be released.  O'keefe is asking for help in transcribing and investigating the video recordings. According to O’Keefe, audio was recorded secretly in 2009 by a source within CNN’s Atlanta. The video tapes record the words of past and present CNN employees Arthur Brice, Nicky Robertson, Joe Sterling, and others.
O’Keefe is offering a reward of $10,000 to anyone who can provide similar material fro MSM.
Following O’Keefe’s news conference, the website associated with the covertly collected material was having difficulty loading, thus making it difficult for media and O’Keefe’s followers to see the material he is offering. In a video post on Twitter, O'Keefe offered audio of a conversation between CNN employees "MIss X," Arthur Brice, and Joe Sterling. O'Keefe said that the audio recording lends credence to Trump's claims that CNN offers "fake news." 



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