A group of faithful Catholics were shocked to learn that Misericordia University in Pennsylvania has invited Father James Martin, S.J. to speak at their Winter Commencement on December 17. They have come together asking Misericordia and the Bishop of Scranton to find another speaker and rescind the invitation to Rev. James Martin. 

The concerned Catholics note that this would be Fr. Martin's fourth speaking engagement in the diocese this year. Since he spoke at the Diocesan Congress last spring, a firestorm of controversy erupted about changing Church teaching regarding same sex "marriage," and allowing reception of Holy Communion for unrepentant and openly active homosexuals. 

At a time when the Church teaching is under attack from all sides, the last thing young people at a Catholic university need is to hear a speaker who openly contradicts Church teaching and encourages others to embrace sinful styles of life. Suggesting that same-sex intercourse, same sex "marriage" and transgenderism are normal and desirable misleads young Catholics. The concerned Catholics are now asking the university to find a more authentic orthodox Catholic speaker for the commencement. 

As lay men and women in the diocese, the group cites their obligation to defend Holy Mother Church when she is under attack. The wolves have entered the sheepfold and if the shepherds won't protect us then the sheep will have to fight for themselves with the help of the Blessed Mother and the Lord Jesus (cf. Canon 211 and 212 # 3).

The group notes that this is not a free speech issue. If Father Martin were not a highly placed Catholic Churchman, his opinions and where he shared them would not be as significant. The fact that the Bishop supports him without reservations is also gravely concerning. 

The group plans to make reparation to Our Lord and His Blessed Mother for the offense caused by the event at a Rosary Rally on Sunday, December 1, at 1:00PM, in front of Misericordia University. It also hopes to wake up faithful Catholics to the errors being taught at supposed Catholic institutions. The petition does not in any way contain any hate for persons that say they are homosexual or transgender. On the contrary, the group believes that the best way to help them is by proclaiming the Truth of Jesus Christ as taught by the Holy Catholic Church for 2000 years



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