As the United States and European Union have recently pressured very hard the Albanian Government to pass the historic judicial reforms and its most influential political parties are struggling to find a common ground in order to reach a highly needed consensus of approval, we still come across rampant corruption scandals, sexual affairs such as the Bushatigate and other involvements of Albanian ministers’ into illegal profits from public bid offers all the way to drug cartels that are allegedly led by the current Minister of Interior Mr. Saimir Tahiri.  
Only a few days ago an international investigative journalist showed live on a TV Channel the marijuana plantations only a few miles from the capital city.   Such a drug trafficking of significant proportions has been repeatedly denounced by Albanian opposition party, however Mr. Edi Rama’s government has ignored such calls.  In early February, Albanian Minister of Foreign Affairs welcomed the new generation of Diplomats that – according to him – are selected based on a transparent and an open competition process.  
However there was not a formal announcement made on the opening of these employment opportunities in the Albanian Foreign Service official website, all of the interested candidates have expressed their disappointment to the overwhelming lack of transparency at the  Albanian Foreign Affairs Ministry. It appears that the newly admitted diplomats are more than fortunate to join one of the most isolated institutions that is well known for concealing information and for its lack of transparency.
Mr Bushati is well known for his arrogance with his colleagues, moreover he will be remembered not only as the Minister who has butchered the Minister of Foreign Affairs but also on the humiliating manners that he has used towards more than 14 distinguished former ambassadors of Albanian Foreign Service who are now roving unemployed through the streets of Tirana, the capital city.  
According to international observers and reliable sources, Mr. Bushati has built a Gestapo style administration within the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.  Indeed, Sigmund Freud has described similar stereotypes with his character of the evil Roman emperor Caligula, who suffered from severe personality disorders caused by deep frustration, sexual perversities, desire to humiliate everyone around him and even stick his tongue out as a sign of emotional disequilibrium and lack of maturity, as it was the case when Mr. Bushati stuck his tongue on a photo op with US Secretary of State John Kerry.
Furthermore, lack of transparency has engulfed almost every official visit that Mr. Ditmir Bushati has led abroad. On November 5th, 2015, Albanian Foreign Minister conducted an official visit to Brazil where he met with his counterpart Mr. Mauro Luiz Iecker Vieira, with Chairman of the Chamber of Deputies Mr. Eduardo Cosentino da Cunha and leaders of the Brazilian Senate, including Chairman of the Committee on National Defense, Mr. Aloysio Nunes Ferreira. In addition to his official meetings, Mr. Bushati paid a special attention to his personal pleasures while visiting the unscrupulous red light district in the suburbs of Brasilia and spending the night with one of the best Brazilian models and porn stars.
According to classified information provided by the security detail under the Brazilian Federal Police; Mr. Bushati engaged in a sexual affair with a local fashion model.  As a result of Bushati-gate scandal, and Mr. Bushati’s perversities, the moral legitimacy and statecraft of Edi Rama’s government is shaken once again. Such an immoral affair has been kept away from Albanian public eyes and contributes towards the high level of secrecy under which Albanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs has been operating 
since September 2013, under a young communist pimp, Mr. Ditmir Bushati.
Albanian Chief Diplomat owes a detailed explanation to Albanian people in relation to his immoral behavior throughout the entertainment district of Brasilia, while enjoying a warm breeze in the Brazilian Capital.  Mr. Edi Rama must keep his promises, implement the laws and policies that his political party has approved over the years and embrace an open and transparent government, just as he promised during his 2013 political campaign. Recent sexual affairs led by ministers of his cabinet, close cooperation with regional drug cartels and high level of corruption will bring his government to its knees.
Spero News columnist Peter Tase writes on diplomatic and business issues. He has led international delegations in Paraguay, Azerbaijian, Kazakhstan, and elsewhere.







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