How Democrats play the Muslim card to stop debate

politics | Aug 22, 2016 | By Martin Barillas

In my first Spero News analysis, I probe in this video three cases in which Democrats have exploited religious and ethnic differences to advance their agenda. 
One case, was Khizr Khan --  the grieving father of a heroic American soldier who died in combat -- who voice a suggestion at the Democratic National Convention that Donald Trump is an ignoramus who does not merit election to the presidency. 
Others which I discuss include a fencer who was heralded for wearing hijab at the Rio Olympics yet did not advance to win any medals. When asked to respond to Trump’s plan to limit immigration from countries notable for Muslim terrorism, Ibtihaj Muhammad said his words are “very dangerous.”
Ultimately, the strategy of using such spokespersons is to silence critics and shut down debate on issues of great importance to America. I hope that you find the video informative and timely. Please let me know what you think.



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