Democratic chair sends warning after Chafee criticizes Hillary

politics | Jun 05, 2015 | By Clinton Gillespie

Lincoln Chafee, a former Republican who is running for the Democratic nomination for President, told CNN that Hillary Clinton's candidacy for President raises "too many ethical questions."

In a CNN poll, 47 percent of people say Hillary Clinton "cares about people like you," down from 53 percent in July 2014.  In another poll by CNN, 42 percent think Clinton is "honest and trustworthy."

Chafee told CNN:

"I think it's a long record that's going back decades over questionable ethical practices and people bring up Whitewater and the Rose Law Firm records. It seems like it just never stops. And so we're in the tenure of the Secretary of State, and the emails, and of course the Clinton Foundation donations. At the same time, the State Department is making critical decisions that are combined with some of those donations by the Clinton Foundation and it's just too close and too many ethical questions."

In response to Chafee's remarks, Democratic chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz said Democrats should focus their criticism on Republicans instead of each other. In her interview with Wolf Blitzer, the chairwoman tried to turn the focus of the interview onto Republican candidates, saying Republicans are obssessed with cutting taxes for the wealthy. "Rick Perry, he just announced his candidacy," she said, "that's a guy who opposes a federal mininum wage. I mean, Rick Perry is someone who actually vetoed equal pay legislation."

But Blitzer stopped Wasserman Schultz, saying that there are serious differences between the Democratic candidates and asked if it is appropriate for Lincoln Chafee to ask about Clinton's ethical issues. Wasserman Schultz said that candidates should stick to ideas during sanctioned Democratic Party debates.

"I think our candidates should stick to the ideas that draw a contrast between our party and our party's agenda and the Republicans," she said. "Those are the appropriate questions that should be raised during our primary debate."



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