While Sen Al Franken (D-Minn.) announced on Thursday his intention to resign from the U.S. Senate in the coming weeks, journalist and analyst Ben Shapiro told Fox News Channel’s “The Daily Briefing," that Franken might decide to remain. Shapiro said, "I'm not sure he's even gonna leave. ... Let's say Roy Moore is elected and is seated without an ethics investigation and then Franken turns around and says, 'Well listen, Moore is here. You're gonna throw me out but you're gonna keep Moore?'"

In reaction to Franken’s announcement, Shapiro tweeted “So dumb. He should have said, ‘I'm taking responsibility and taking time to reflect. President Trump should do the same.’ He'd be a hero in 30 seconds flat. Now he's back to being the court jester he always was.” 

Shapiro said Republicans who oppose Moore’s bid for the U.S. Senate are making a political sacrifice. Democrats, he said, have not made a sacrifice, noting that Franken and Rep. John Conyers (D-Mich.) will be replaced by Democrats. "The RNC endorsed Roy Moore, Trump endorsed Roy Moore and suddenly the entire Democratic Party decided Franken would be the sacrificial lamb so they can grab the moral high ground," he said.

Fox show hosts Laura Ingraham denounced what she called Democrats’ “feverish morality” in the wake of Franken’s announcement. Her guest, Newt Gingrich, questioned Democrats’ "political calculation" after more than 30 Democrats demanded Franken’s resignation. Ingraham opened her show by saying that Democrats "have come down with a sudden case of feverish morality." Arguing that the morality outbreak is more about destroying President Trump, she theorized that Democrats calculated that it is "worth sacrificing Franken," just as they did with Rep. John Conyers (D-Mich.). These were moves intended to "save the political Titanic that is their party."

Democrats, Ingraham said, will use the so-called "war on women" narrative to drive Roy Moore from office if he wins the Senate race in Alabama. "The left is brilliant. They're really smart at using the media to create a narrative and pound it all day long that quickly becomes a political bludgeon," she said, adding that the goal is to advance a "false narrative that the left is all about protecting women." Democrats are seeking to strengthen their case for impeaching Trump, she said. 

Noting the cases of sexual improprieties among politicians and figures of the left, such as Bill Clinton, Ted Kennedy, and Harvey Weinstein, Ingraham said, "Be wary of the lynch mob you join today because tomorrow it could be coming for your husband, your brother, your son and yes, even your president."

Gingrich agreed and said that the Democratic Party is "losing its mind,” and formed a lynch mob to oust Franken without any due process or even a hearing. Franken said today on the Senate floor that he has chosen to forego a Senate Ethics Committee process in his case. Gingrich described the present as a "weird American moment where lynching people feels so good," while noting that Conyers also did not receive a hearing but was pressured by party leaders to retire.



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