English Defence League founder Tommy Robinson was arrested and jailed on Friday in Leeds, England, when he started a live feed on his Facebook page to cover a trial of Muslim men who are accused of grooming girls for sex trafficking. He was arrested for “breach of the peace” and has since been sentenced to 13 months imprisonment. Fellow activist Katie Hopkins fears that his life is in danger. She tweeted after the arrest, “If Tommy is put on a regular prison wing he will not survive. This is how the British state cleanses those it would prefer silenced.” In an apparent reference to murders of dissidents in Russia, she added, “At least the Russians do it in the open.”

Ten Muslim gang members were at Leeds Crown Court on Friday to face charges that include child rape, trafficking and supplying banned drugs to children.

Qari Asim, Imam at the Makkah Mosque in Hyde Park, said the problem was bringing “shame on their religion” and urged more people to start speaking out against the abusers. In 2016, 17 men and one woman admitted or were convicted of charges that included rape, supplying drugs, prostitution in trials that wre held in Newcastle, England. In that case, men preyed on vulnerable girls who were given marijuana, cocaine, alcohol and other drugs. They were then raped or compelled to prostitute themselves at parties in Newcastle known as “sessions”.

Robinson, 35, was outside Leeds Crown Court on Friday morning to begin a live feed when he was approached by several police officers who told him he was under arrest. He said, “I’m being arrested for a breach of the peace. You’ve all watched this. Can you get me a solicitor?”

According to Lauren Southern, a Canadian libertarian activist who has been banned from entering the United Kingdom, Robinson received a sentence of 13 months in prison. In addition, she wrote that there is now an official ban on reporting the incident in the United Kingdom. In a tweet, Southern asserted: “Sending Tommy Robinson to jail is a death sentence and the UK knows this. It was acknowledged in the court room.”

Robinson may indeed be in danger. Muslim prison chaplains fear that their lives are in danger, following threats from Sunni Muslims in the lockups. Tanveer Ahmed, who was sentenced in March 2016 for the murder of Ahmadiyya Muslim shopkeeper in Scotland, called for Muslims to kill them. Ahmed killed Asad Shah, just hours after the shopkeeper wished his “beloved Christian nation” a happy Easter on social media. Ahmadiyya Islam has theological differences with Sunni and Shia Islam, which consider it heretical. Ahmadiyya Muslims are seen as strongly supportive of British armed forces. Ahmed killed Shah for “disrespecting Islam.” In his native Pakistan, Ahmed has been celebrated for killing Shah. 

Prison chaplains in Scotland, who are paid by the government, are demanding more protection from the Scottish Prison Service. 

Ahmed has been moved to several different prisons since entering the system and has been prohibited from making phone calls after he called on the growing numbers of his followers to kill the enemies of Islam. 



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