A study conducted by the Department of Gastro-enterology and Human Nutrition Unit at the All Medical Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMSes) – an independent group of public medical schools in New Delhi - has been published in the Indian Journal of Cancer corroborating studies undertaken elsewhere that link breast cancer to abortion.
Research physicians who did the study found evidence that women who undergo an abortion are 6.26 times more likely to develop breast cancer, as compared to women with full-term pregnancies.
The New Delhi study indicates that abortion weakens muscular tissue in the breast,  thus enhancing sensitivity to carcinogenic cells. The study also suggested that cell proliferation triggered by abortion results in "increased susceptibility to carcinogenicity", which is in other words the onset of cancer due to a cell transformed by several mutations.
An abstract of the paper stated, “Clinical, animal, and epidemiological studies have clearly demonstrated that cancer is a hormonally mediated disease and several factors that influence hormonal status or are markers of change in hormonal status have been shown to be associated with the risk of breast cancer.”
The abstract noted that the researchers investigated 320 newly diagnosed cases of breast cancer, along with 320 normal healthy women, that constituted the study population. The study concluded, “The cases had a lower mean age at menarche, higher age at marriage, higher mean age at last child birth, lower mean duration of breastfeeding, higher number of abortions, late age at menopause, history of oral contraceptive pills, and a family history of breast cancer as compared to the controls. The results of the present study revealed a strong association of reproductive factors with breast cancer in the Indian population.”
The study in India came soon after a similar bombshell was unleashed by Dr. Yubei Huang, a physician in China who published a summary of several studies on the same subject. The results showed that women who undergo an abortion increase their risk of contracting breast cancer by 44 percent.
Published in October 2013, the title of the study is: Reproductive factors and breast cancer: A case-control study in tertiary care hospital of North India, in Indian Journal of Cancer. Authors: Bhadoria A. S., Kapil U., Sareen N., and Singh P. 



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