A married white man confessed to igniting his own vehicle and also scrawling a racist slur on his garage door while staging a supposed hate crime. On the morning of December 12, Jenny and David Williams of Denton awoke to find their pickup truck and motorcycle burning. In addition, the words "n***** lovers" was found written in black paint across their garaged door.
Local police adjudged the vandalism as an instance of hate crime and set about investigating it as an instance of arson. The family received donations to repair the damage to their property.
However, on December 20, Jenny Williams (35) reported her husband as the person who propagated the fire. "David confessed to spray painting our garage door and starting the fire at our home," she wrote in a Facebook post. For his part, David Williams has entered a "mental facility" but will be arrested as soon as he is released.  
"My heart is heavy, and I have more questions than answers. My children and I are in a state of shock and sadness,' said Jenny Williams (35). All donations that were sent to the couple on a GoFund Me page before the revelations will be returned. So far, no motive has been suggested for the false report. 
According to his wife, David Williams was diagnosed with bipolar disorder and borderline personality disorder in 2012. “He [confessed] Tuesday morning, and that entire conversation, I just don’t even know how to wrap my head around it all,” she said. “It was clear to me, at that point, that his head was definitely not in the right place.” David Williams has confessed to investigators, who are going forward with investigating him on arson charges. 
A list of fake hate-crimes:
The black man has been arrested for burning down a black church in Mississippi. The culprit scrawled "Vote Trump" on the side of the burned-out structure. In the aftermath of the incident, both the mayor and police chief of Greenville, Mississippi, hastened to theorize that the incident was an example of hate crime.
On the south side of Philadelphia, an arrest of a black man has been made who has been accused of scrawling "Black Bitch" and "Trump Rules" on a vehicle belonging to a black woman.
A young Muslim woman has been arrested in New York on charges that she made a false claim that she was assaulted by anti-Muslim men on the New York City subway.
Another young Muslim woman, in Ann Arbor, Michigan, was found to have made a false report. She had claimed that a man assaulted her and tore off her hijab headscarf. After the FBI, state police, Ann Arbor and campus police interviewed her and conducted an investigation, it was found that she had made a false report. 
At the University of Louisiana-Lafayette, a female Muslim student has admitted that two men wearing iconic red Trump hats knocked her down and stole her headscarf. This, too, proved to be a false report.
At Nassau Community College in New York State, an Asian man has been arrested for scrawling KKK and swastikas at Nassau Community College. The reported hate crime has proved to be false.
A female student of Bowling Green University was arrested after falsely claiming she was attacked and taunted with racial slurs by Trump supporters wearing "Make America Great Again" gear. Another BGSU student also reported a false claim about a robbery and slur.
In Malden, Massachusetts, a black man claimed he ran for his life after he was threatened with lynching. He alleged that he was told by his assailants, "It’s Trump country now", but admitted later he had fabricated the story.
A man hung a Nazi flag in San Francisco, across the street from neighbors whose relatives were victims of the Holocaust. However, he explained after the ensuing controversy about the flag that it was merely and "anti-Trump statement."
Two students at Williams College admitted that they scrawled KKK-graffiti and spilled fake blood at a campus chapel. They said that their goal was to "bring attention to the effects of the presidential election."
At Elon University, a supposed hateful message received national attention. The graffito read, "Bye bye latinos hasta la vista." However, it has been revealed to have been written by a Latino who was unsatisfied by the results of the election. The student explained that the grafitti was intended as a "satirical commentary."



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