Mark Levin explains how to eliminate the Deep State

politics | Jun 27, 2017 | By Martin Barillas

Speaking to Fox News host Sean Hannity on Monday night, radio host and author Mark Levin said that Democrats should celebrate because real evidence of a “new Russian collusion story” has surfaced. However, the evidence disproves the oft-repeated narrative that members of the Trump campaign colluded with Russian agents, Levin said. He said on the program that new evidence shows that Barack Obama colluded with American intelligence agencies to suppress proof of Russian meddling in last year’s general election.

Levin told Hannity, “I think we do have proof of collusion within the Obama administration.” He explained, “There is [sic] departments and agencies involved in intelligence and law enforcement that colluded to cover this up, to keep it from the American people and obstruct our knowledge during the course of the election.”

He was referring to a June 23 report in the Washington Times that showed that Obama had been informed about Russian political interference in August 2016, which was months before Election Day in November. Leading Democratic Sens. Dianne Feinstein of California and Ben Cardin of Maryland called on Obama to respond harshly to the meddling. It was not until one month after Trump’s victory that Obama publicly ordered a full investigation into Russian meddling. In addition, it was not until almost January and just weeks before Trump’s inauguration that Obama responded to Russia’s cyberattack with sanctions that included the explusion of a few Russian diplomats..

“Sean, I think we have a new Russian collusion story, which is the collusion within the Obama administration to cover up for [Russian President] Vladimir Putin,” Levin reiterated. “Whatever the reason, that’s what they did. They kept that information from the American people in the course of a presidential election because they thought it would help Hillary [Clinton].”

“We honestly need to get to the bottom of the real collusion,” Levin said. “Now we have collusion. The Democrats should be excited. Collusion has been found. It’s among them.”

Levin said that “real potential obstruction” has also been uncovered. He was referring to allegations that former Attorney General Loretta Lynch interfered in the FBI’s criminal investigation into Hillary Clinton and her use of a private email server while secretary of state. 

In addition, Levin said that he believes special prosecutor Robert Mueller should expand his investigation to include the activities and actions of the Obama administration. “I think that special counsel, Mr. Mueller, ought to consider expanding his investigation to include the prior administration, to include their activities with the Russians, to include their activities to cover up for Vladimir Putin,” Levin said.

“And while he’s at it, he may want to include domestic surveillance, which I believe took place, and the unmasking of America citizens,” Levin explained.
Regarding what he called the “deep state,” which is ostensibly opposed to Trump, Levin said, “They believe that they have absolute monopoly control in the administrative state. The departments and agencies...we have this massive fourth branch of government that is nowhere in the Constitution -- the deep state -- but it passes 3 to 4 thousand law a year without our input. It continues to operate despite the public will. It rejects electoral outcomes. That is the leftist, progressive powerbase...It's the administrative state."

When Hannity asked how Trump can defeat the forces of the "administrative state," Levin answered: 

 "He can't defeat them. But he can start the process of defeating them. And this is one of the things that bothers me: President Reagan was in there eight years and started the process and then the other Republican presidents come in and they unravel it. It's like with Obamacare right now. They are basically giving their imprimatur to massive progressive government program. The way you do this is you shrink the size of government." "Slash them across the board except for defense, federal law enforcement and intel...10 percent, 15 percent, 20 percent.”

"Call in [Sen. Mitch] McDonnell and [Rep. Paul] Ryan and read them the Riot Act. If you can. And if they won't do what the President says then, replace them.”




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