Author and controversialist Ann Coulter stumped for House Speaker Paul Ryan’s Republican primary opponent, Paul Nehlen. Appearing with Nehlen at a rally in Ryan’s hometown, Coulter told listeners “You are so lucky to be living in this district because it’s like we’re standing in the Amtrak train station looking up and there’s only two trains leaving.” She said, “You got the Nehlen leaving at 2:06 and then the Trump leaving the station. After that happens, there’s not another train coming through.  This is it. This is your last chance to save America. Vote for the party of America for Americans and vote for Paul Nehlen.”
Coulter, who was an early Trump supporter, has been fiercely supportive of Nehlen even though Trump’s support for Ryan’s rival has been tepid. “Paul Ryan said he never wanted to be Speaker of the House, so I’d like to help him achieve that dream,” Coulter said to a cheering crowd of about 100 at the Rock County amphitheater. “This year has been a very strange year—I remember when [Mitt] Romney [the failed 2012 GOP presidential nominee] picked Ryan [as his running mate] I was so happy, I was thinking back about it, now I remember I was only happy because he wasn’t [Sen. Marco] Rubio. This year has really shaken things out, you know, former friends are enemies and former enemies are friends.”
Coulter set out her vision of the political and economic issues before the nation in the coming election:
“The people we thought were on our side, they say they’re for the working class, they say they’re for the American middle class, as you know I thought they never got around to it or Obama was blocking everything. No, you know what? Now that we have candidates like Donald Trump and Paul Nehlen, we find out no they actually hate us. Whatever, check with the Koch Brothers to see what they want. Paul Nehlen will put America first.”
In contrast, Coulter said, when Ryan and his allies win an election, “we don’t win.” Echoing a theme of economic nationalism that has been heralded by Nehlen, and Trump, Coulter continued: “Your jobs will still get outsourced. They’re still foreigners coming in that you have to train to take your job. You’re still blocked out of college by affirmative action for immigrants. Your neighborhood is still overwhelmed with drugs being brought in, with illegal alien crime. No, it’s just check with the Koch Brothers, see what they want. That’s Paul Ryan’s approach to his job.”
As for Ryan’s support for President Barack Obama’s trade policies, Coulter slammed the Speaker for endorsing the Trans Pacific Partnership, she said, “so that any job that hasn’t already been shipped to Mexico can be sent to Asia. He supports the DREAM Act, or the Leave No Child In Mexico or Central America Behind Act. He opposes a wall on the grounds that, I quote, ‘America is not defined by its borders.’ What does that mean? So if I’m standing in France or Brazil, does that mean I’m really in America? I’m in Wisconsin today—am I really in Paris? What does that mean? Did he get some bad cheese curds?
"We have drugs and criminals pouring across the border and Paul Ryan’s response is to give us a nonsensical phrase from a Hallmark card: ‘Our Country Is Not Defined By Its Borders.’ Well, I guess a home is not defined by walls, electricity, and plumbing, but we still want walls, electricity, and plumbing. We not only have immigrants coming in taking jobs, committing crimes, creating victims of illegal alien crime, we also are bringing in immigrants legally who periodically flip out and murder Americans so Donald Trump has a suggestion for how we should not be at mass breakneck speed importing people whose religion teaches them that they should kill us.
"There’s seven billion people in the world, we don’t have to take in any of them. Can we at least not take the ones who some percentage of whom are going to flip out and slaughter large numbers of us?”
The outspoken author of 12 best-sellers took Ryan to task for his support of refugee status of Muslims coming into the United States. She said, “Since 9/11, to the contrary, we have taken in more Muslims than we did before 9/11.”
“We have taken in two million Muslims, only since 9/11. Down in Miami, there’s so many Hijabs the poor Cubans don’t know what’s going on. They think a UFO has landed. But we can’t have an opinion on this because Khizr Khan’s son died in Iraq. God bless his son, we honor his service. But as long as he brought it up, how many Muslims have died fighting in Iraq or Afghanistan? Well, I’m glad you asked: Fourteen.”
Nehlen will face off against Ryan in Tuesday’s election. Despite Trump’s endorsement of Ryan, Nehlen said he feels confident that he will do well with fellow Cheese Heads on August 9. In a video Nehlen released today, he called on Wisconsinites to vote for him. “One vote to save the lives of innocent Americans. One vote to save Wisconsin. One vote to save America,” Nehlen said. “Let August 9th be Wisconsin’s Independence Day.”
In the video, Nehlen weaves the story of a hypothetical little girl whose mother is putting her to bed. While the girl may dream of a bright future, her dreams will be “brought to a brutal and violent end because our politicians don’t have the decency, or courage, or desire to protect the lives of innocent Americans.”
“As this mother puts her child to sleep, she has no idea that her daughter will be the next Kate Steinle or Sarah Root,” Nehlen says. He referred to Kate Steinle: a young woman who was killed by an illegal alien who had been deported multiple times, who is one of several Americans murdered by illegal immigrants. “Out there tonight, all across this country, is the next Jamiel Shaw Jr., the next Brandon Mendoza, the next Spencer Golvach — the next American child who won’t get to live out their American dream because Paul Ryan believes that his family deserves a border wall, but you don’t.” As of 11:45 p.m. on August 7, the video had 189 views.



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