Brittany Simpson, 31, was charged with murder and possession of a firearm during a violent crime in South Carolina. She was denied bond at a hearing on Thursday. According to court documents, Simpson was living in her parents’ home without having to pay rent. However, she did help pay for utility bills until March. It was then that her mother decided to evict her. 
Brittany Simpson allegedly shot her father, Robert Simpson, 66, to death during the early morning hours on Tuesday. After she had claimed that an intruder had committed the crime. Police discovered the alleged perpetrator’s clothing and a gun in a nearby creek.
According to PEOPLE magazine, attorney David Aylor -- who is representing Simpson -- said that she has no other criminal record. He did confirm that she is unemployment and was receiving disability payments. However, Aylor said that her disability did not prevent her from engaging in recreational activities. 
A call to emergency services went out from the family home at approximately 6 a.m. on Tuesday. Simpson said, “Someone just came in the back door. Someone just came right in.” Brooke, Brittany's sister, reportedly questioned how she knew what happened to their father. Eventually, Britanny confessed to the crime herself, according to police.
While Brooke told officers she did not know of anyone who would harm their father, she said that Britanny had been told to get out of the home by that day, according to court records. 
When officers arrived at the home, Robert Simpson was still alive. An officer kicked in a bedroom door and sought to give him aid. When firefighters arrived, they tried to save his life, but were unsuccessful. Simpson died. 
Britanny Simpson had studied at the University of Miami and the College of Charleston, both of which are private institution. According to PEOPLE magazine, attorney Aylor said she was “was very well liked in both of those communities.” 



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