Illegal alien Octaviano Boche is accused of multiple rape of a boy over a period of three years. The native of Guatemala has been ordered deported five times. He is being held on $100,000 cash bail in Framingham, Massachusetts, following his arrest at a Texas airport last month. The 49-year-old Boche was taken into custody by federal authorities on Aug. 23 as he was about to board a plane at Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport for a return to his native land. He is illegal alien who has been ordered to be deported on five occasions. 

During an arraignment on Friday in Framingham District Court, Assistant Middlesex District Attorney Thomas Brant said that the defendant had fled Massachusetts when he learned that police were investigating allegations of rape. Police had also issued a warrant for Boche’s arrest.

Judge Jennifer Stark set bail at $100,000, based on the severity of the alleged crime, Boche’s history of convictions, court defaults, and prior deportations. Prosecutors plan to charge Boche with child rape and aggravated rape of a minor before a grand jury. The latter charge carries a 10-year mandatory minimum sentence.

Boche’s court-appointed lawyer, Michael Garry, entered a plea of innocent and asked the court to set bail at $2,000, which he said that the Boche family could afford. He said Boche’s failures to appear in court were “due to forces that were more or less outside of his control.” Boche was ordered to have no contact with his alleged victim and must also wear a GPS monitoring device if he is released.

Framingham police said that Boche raped a boy who was known to him. These occurred multiple times between March and August 2017, according to documents filed in Framingham District Court.

The victim told Framingham police that Boche had performed oral sex on him at least once when the victim was 14 years old. Documents filed by prosecutors with the court say: “Once Octavio had finished...(Boche) offered him $200 to $300 to not tell anyone what they had done,” and added, “Octavio told him that he could not tell anyone about what they had been doing because he (Octavio) would get into a lot of trouble.”

Members of the Massachusetts State Police assisted the Framingham Police Department to find Boche. They ran him down with help from Customs and Border Protection Office and learned Boche was boarding a flight in Texas. Middlesex Sheriff’s Office Warrant Apprehension Unit brought Boche back to Massachusetts on Thursday.

Boche will appear in court again on September 27. 

The headline for the story at the MetroWest Daily News of Massachusetts read: "Man arrainged in Framingham on child rape charges."



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