In Tennessee, a Muslim man was arrested by the FBI and ATF after police in the Antioch neighborhood of Nashville filed a complaint about him about his behavior and attempts to purchase firearms. The 26-year-old Khari Milak Whitehead was arrested on Friday and committed to a mental institution to undergo psychiatric evaluation. 

According to the police complaint, Whitehead was charged in 2013 with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon after he displayed a hand grenade at a crowded Nashville nightclub. Police were called to his home in 2017 when a family member reported that Whitehead was "acting out of control and crazy."

At that time, family members reported that Whitehead had converted to Islam and may have accepted radical jihadist ideology. might have become radicalized. The family told the police that Whitehead had been viewing videos advocating for the terrorist ISIS organization while saying that "white people are going to end up getting it."

Also in 2017, Rutherford County filed a complaint against Whitehead and asked for a psychiatric evaluations after he tried to buy a rifle and ammunition at a local Walmart. While he was still under federal investigation, Whitehead attempted to purchase another high-powered weapon in Rutherford County, Tennessee, on February 22, 2018. 

According to witnesses, Whitehead wanted to buy a semi-automatic rifle with a high-capacity magazine. Whitehead lied on his ATF purchase application, claiming that he had never been committed to a mental institution. The purchase was declined on two occasions after background checks were processed. Whitehead’s family members told Fox 17 News that he schizophrenic and very paranoid.

Whitehead could face up to 10 years in prison and a fine of $250,000, if convicted. He is slated to appear in federal court on March 21. 



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