A supporter of Donald Trump in Michigan says he received death threats after he put up a sign in his front yard in Flushing Township that reads, "Make the Township White Again." He said that he was afraid to go to work on July 25 because of the threats. He declined to identify himself to local media because of the alleged threats. However, the man said he will file a police report against the person he alleges trespassed on his property and stole his sign and posted video on Facebook that depicted its destruction with an electric saw. 
"That doesn't take Sherlock Holmes to solve that crime," the man said. The Flint Journal website showed photographs of an elderly shirtless man sitting in a chair outside a house to illustrate its coverage. News of the sign broke on July 24. A Mount Morris Township official, who was contacted then by Spero News, heard from anxious citizens who were concerned about the repercussions of the sign. The official determined that the sign was not located in his jurisdiction and met the definition of free speech.
Flushing Township, according to U.S. Census records, is 96 percent white. 
According to the Flint Journal,  the homeowner in Flushing Township had been incensed when campaign signs demonstrating his support of Trump were taken from his yard three days in a row. His home is located at the intersection of Coldwater and McKinley roads in Flushing Township, a semi-rural area outside of Flint. He said that he put the offensive sign in his yard as a joke. “A joke turned into a big old nightmare,” he said. He added that he would stay at home to watch his property instead of going to work. He said that he doesn’t “have a bigoted bone in my body."
The man’s neighbor called the police to ask how the man’s free expression might be controlled. Neighbor Randy McLeod said that the man’s sign was not a joke, because it “hits the hearts of people." He added that the First Amendment “can only go so far.”
The owner of the sign expressed umbrage over statements made by Democrat Hillary Clinton in support of the Black Lives Matter movement. He also criticized President Barack Obama, saying “…Obama says we have racism in our DNA. That just flat out pisses me off.” Continuing, the homeowners said, “They can say whatever the hell they want…I said well, let's see if I can say whatever the hell I want and obviously the answer is no." He wants to put up whatever signs he likes without risking death threats.



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