In the 2008 election, Church leaders at the United State Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) were careful to point out the danger of voting on the basis of a "single issue" (i.e., abortion). As a consequence, a majority of Catholics felt no compunction about voting for strongly pro-active pro-abortion candidates.

Since then, the USCCB has been forced to come to the realization that abortion is not merely a single issue, but a singular issue. Over the past forty months, the Obama Administration has been pro-actively promoting abortion in ways our bishops never imagined. Not content with aborting our posterity, the Administration has expanded its pro-abortion mandate so as to promote policies that have also aborted our economy, our morality and our liberty.

Our economy is being aborted by policies and regulations that punish resilience and promote the the arousal and appeasement of resentments. Obama thus seems to be more interested in punishing the "rich" by increasing their tax rates than in promoting authentic prosperity, which would generate job-growth and dramatically increase tax revenues.

Our morality is being aborted by educational policies, guided by the philosophy of Planned Parenthood, which promote among our youth the idea that sexual perversion and promiscuity are both normal and normative for healthy development. Such "grooming" of our posterity, so as to make them easier prey for sexual predators, has been decisively confirmed by new regulations of the Department of Health and Human Services regulations. These regulations have made free and uninhibited access to contraception, abortion and sterilization the nation's highest health care priority. Pregnancy is thus to be treated as a preventable disease, with the pre-born child categorized as either a tumor, a parasite or a punishment. This perspective that children are a curse is further emphasized by the Administration's efforts to expand the final solution for the scourge of unplanned pregnancy to include the imposition of involuntary servitude on those children, whom they do condescend to allow to be born.

By ensuring that our children are to be saddled with an ever-increasing burden of tens of trillions of dollars in national, state and municipal debts - not to mention the burden of paying for numerous unfunded mandates, the Administration is seeking to ensure that any resilience among America's youth will be drowned in a tsunami of resentments arising from the frustrations of those confined to the New World Order of broken homes, shattered dreams and empty promises.

The Obama administration is also seeking to abort our liberty. It seek to appoint activist judges, who value their personal agendas over their oath to uphold the Constitution. And it promotes policies, whereby federal bureaucrats are given the power both to make the determination as to the degree to which we are to be allowed to exercise our Constitutionally-protected rights and, if necessary, to terminate those rights, when they do not conform to the parameters of political correctness. The current HHS-USCCB controversy is just an initial step in the acceleration of this abortive procedure.

In view of the above, it will be interesting to see whether the USCCB will continue to insist that faithful citizenship requires that preaching within the Church treat abortion as merely a single issue. It will also be interesting to see whether there will be a continuation of the current praxis of many dioceses. According to this praxis, priests are required to violate their own sincere consciences in order to appease the sin-seared consciences of pro-actively pro-abortion Catholics, and thus give the impression that the Eucharistic Christ Himself is giving a smiling "thumbs up" to their continuing efforts to slaughter innocent children in the womb. It does seem tragically ironic that the USCCB seems to have more reverence for the sacredness of their insurance dollars than for the sacredness of the Eucharistic Christ.

Tragically, a nation conceived in liberty is now being aborted on the altar of "choice". And the silence of so many of our shepherds is deafening. Serious repentance and reparation is definitely needed. May God have mercy on all of us!

Rev. Thomas Collins is a Catholic priest serving in the Diocese of Richmond, Virginia.



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