A modern fairytale wedding was shattered when a bride was killed in a helicopter crash on her way to the altar. 32-year-old Rosemere do Nascimento Silva planned a surprise for her fiance and 300 of their guests by landing in a helicopter at their reception on the outskirts of Sao Paulo in Brazil.
But on the flight to the altar, the helicopter crashed, killing the bride, her brother, the pilot, and a photographer who was six-months-pregnant.
While the groom, Udirely Damasceno, waited with 300 friends and family, they were informed that a small plane had crashed nearby but they believed it was an unconnected incident. When the bride did not appear on schedule, a friend and a pastor soon arrived to inform the groom that his bride was on the flight to surprise him at their marriage and that she was dead.
A friend of the groom said that only six of the 300 guests knew of the surprise. When they were informed of the tragedy, he said the groom was in shock and no one knew how to act.
Investigators are examining if the helicopter hit a tree during bad visibility due to rain and fog.
The pilot was named as Peterson Pinheiro, and the brother of the bride, was named Silvano Nascimento da Silva. The pregnant photographer was Nayla Cristina Neves.
The journey would have taken just 15 minutes. The Robinson 44 helicopter crashed about one mile from the intended landing zone. 



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