The recent decision of the Supreme Court has effectively destroyed the case brought by the USCCB against the HHS contraception-abortion mandate. By transferring the issue of funding of these practices from the category of insurance premiums to that of a tax, the Court has, in effect, expanded the taxing authority of Congress in a way that justifies a secular version of the Islamic dhimmitude tax on non-Moslems. This is not surprising, since in other cases, the Court has used foreign laws to nuance its interpretation of the Constitution.

 In nations dominated by Islam, very frequently non-Moslems have to pay a special dhimmitude tax. The Moslems believe that this is for the good of the "infidels", since
it pressures them to accept Islam and thus conform to the gracious plan of Allah for their eternal happiness.

So it is that, by an ingenious exercise of Orwellian "Newspeak", the the Court has decided that the fines imposed by the health care law are actually taxes. Thus, the requirement that Catholic institutions be required to pay for the HHS contraception-abortion mandate through insurance premiums or "taxes" has been established as a de facto imposition of a secularist version of the dhimmitude tax on Catholics and others who still are unwilling to recognize the wisdom of the agendas offered by the New World Order and the Culture of Death.

And since the Court has now redefined the law's requirement of payment of an insurance premium or a fine as a tax, the ability of the Church to oppose payment of this tax is severely compromised. After all, for years now, taxes paid by Catholics have been used to subsidize Planned Parenthood and others pro-abortion groups. And the current official Catholic opposition to the mandate does not absolutely oppose the categorizing of abortion and contraception as "preventive care" in the new national system of health care delivery. It only opposes the requirement that Catholics directly pay for these "services".

In addition, the prevailing praxis of the Catholic Church in America has been to require priests to give Holy Communion to those Catholics, who persist in pro-actively promoting pro-abortion practices and policies. Thus the integrity of our conscientious objection to the HHS mandate is further compromised by a practice, which is giving the impression that Jesus Christ Himself, with His Own Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity, is giving a smiling "thumbs up" to those promoting the brutal killing of pre-born children.

The activist Court has thus expanded the powers of Congress to include the power to impose a secularist version of the dhimmitude tax on Catholics and others who have not yet evolved enough to appreciate the wisdom and compassion of the secularist agenda being gradually, but tyrannically, imposed on all Americans.

Spero columnist Rev. Thomas Collins is a Catholic priest who serves the people of Covington, VA.



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