Insider says alternative, conservative websites, media blackballed by Google

politics | Aug 24, 2017 | By Martin Barillas

Former Google employee James Damore, before he was fired, wrote a manifesto on a company-sponsored blog that defended viewpoint diversity and a fact-based approach to the alleged gender gap in the computer tech field. His 10-page manifesto created considerable backlash, even while some Google employees later averred Damore’s observations, albeit anonymously.

In a series of interviews with Breitbart News, which former Trump advisor Steve Bannon leads, current employees said that “witch-hunts” and intolerance for diversity of opinions are common at Google. Fearing for their jobs, the employees’ identities were masked. 

A former Google engineer corroborated allegations made by several websites, including Rebel Media and Spero News, that Google denies revenue to these alternative media websites. Employees within Google’s Ad Sales department have expressed “a great deal of sympathy” with the Sleeping Giants campaign, whereby certain websites are seeing their work demonetized by the tech giant. The former Google employee, identified with the pseudonym “Emmett”, said that he has personally observed Google’s leftists using the algorithms at YouTube (a Google subsidiary) to push content off the platform that does not conform with a leftist perspective.

Spero News, for example, has seen its YouTube videos de-monetized, while similar videos by leftist websites such as The Young Turks feature ads and thus remain monetized. Emmet said that which has sought to deny ad revenue to alternative media sites including Breitbart News and The Rebel Media. Breitbart reports that some Google employees are openly encouraging some advertisers to pull their ads from Rebel Media and Breitbart.

When Internet users enter search terms on the Google search bar, it is Google that determines which results they will see and whether they come up on the first or succeeding pages of results. Emmett told Breitbart that friends have corroborated that there are efforts at Google to “demote anything non-PC, anti-Communist and anti-Islamic terror from search results. To what extent that has been successful, I don’t know.” Alternative news websites, such as Spero News, are unduly affected by Google’s search results, thereby producing web search results that favor establishment and left-wing news sites.

Emmett also told Breit that the he believes the greatest threat is that users of Google and its other services do not detect the effective censorship and skewing of search results. “That’s the whole point of such a disinformation program, right? If you can tell it’s disinformation, you would never ever believe it.” He said that it is only a matter of time before Google does the same thing to Republicans, conservative politicians, and the Trump movement.

While he admitted that there is a culture of fear at Google, Emmett added that Google is losing “people with integrity” at the company who are have decided not to bow to “corrupt ideologies and the people who proselytize them, support them, and punish people who disagree with them.” 

Damore himself has later gone on the record with his claims that Google intimidates employees and squelches dissent. He recently told Stuart Vanery on Fox News that Silicon Tech companies have formulated a "blacklist." "If someone shows they're conservative, they'll be blacklisted between different companies and different teams, and that really needs to change."




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