No one should underestimate the current worldwide potential for violence.
North Korea continues to work on nuclear weapons and ballistic missiles.
Venezuela is collapsing under a struggle between a corrupt government and the reform forces of the middle class.
Islamic Supremacists continue to kill Christians as the bombing of two Coptic Christian churches in Egypt on Palm Sunday reminds us. Islamic Supremacists also continue their random attacks in places like Britain and Sweden.
Iran continues to be the world's leading sponsor of terrorism (as even the Obama State Depart-ment admitted) while its leaders continue to seek nuclear weapons and ballistic missiles. The cooperation between Iran and North Korea continues.
The Syrian chemical attack proved that President Obama and Secretary Kerry were deluding themselves or being deluded by faulty American intelligence when they persistently explained that Syria had gotten rid of all its chemical weapons.
If the Obama team was this wrong on Syria why should we believe they were more knowledge-able about Iran? They may have paid the Iranians billions for nothing. That money will help pay for Iranian terrorism and the Iranian nuclear and missile programs.
Putin is increasingly in a box. He spent 2016 thinking he could intimidate the Europeans and cut a deal with the new American administration. Now he is discovering that President Trump and his team are simply too professional and too tough to be intimidated. If Russia pushes back in Syria and the Eastern Mediterranean, it has a very weak hand. The United States could easily overwhelm the regional Russian forces. However, if Putin is pushed into a corner we have no idea how he will react. His position in Moscow is based on strength. If he is seen as weak he could rapidly find himself threatened with losing office and maybe losing his life.
Finally, the Chinese must have been sobered by their experience at Mar-a-Lago. It isn't often that your host leaves dinner to announce to the world that the United States had hit a Syrian air base with 59 missiles. On the one hand, the Kushner children were welcoming with their ability to sing in Mandarin. On the other hand, bombing during dinner was a sobering reminder that the new president was not like the old one. I am sure the Chinese leadership went home with a lot to think about.
We are entering a turbulent time and no one can predict the outcome.
Newt Gingrich is a syndicated columnist and former Speaker of the House.



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