The State of South Carolina is set to spend more than $5 million to display a Confederate flag that has already been banned from the front law of the State House. A proposal to renovate the Confederate Relic Room and Military Museum by the Watson Tate Savory firm of Columbia SC is being contemplated by the museum’s governing board.
The Columbia firm has proposed showing the flag, which was removed by law in July 2015, in a special floating glass case and surrounded by hundreds of thousands of miniscule LED screens. The screens would then display the names of 22,000 South Carolinians killed in the Civil War in the 1860s.
"We even discussed bringing up educational materials and putting a little storage area in that nook as part of this too that both museums could use," said Executive Director Alan Roberson of the Confederate Relic Room and Military Museum.
The renovation would include altering the entrance to the Relic Room to provide space for the expensive new exhibit. The museum board plans to present a final plan for the renovation to the South Carolina legislature by the first quarter of 2016. Once the renovation is complete, the museum proposes charging the public an admission fee.
The Confederate flag, which had flown from a mast in front of the State House for decades despite repeated calls for its removal, was finally banned by law when the South Carolina legislature voted to remove it in the wake of the killing of nine black worshippers at a Charleston church by a white man on the evening of June 17, 2015. Charleston police allege that it was a hate crime.



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