“F**k Kavanaugh” is a brand of lipstick that has been launched in a presumed scheme of raising funds and piquing awareness about sexual assault and the charities that respond to the crime. This follows the roiling controversy over President Trump’s nominee to the Supreme Court, Judge Brett Kavanaugh. Until October 7, all proceeds from the pre-order of the lustrous red lipstick will be donated to organizations “chosen by the people” by way of a vote. The Lipslut website called it the “perfect shade of protest red.”

Made by Lipslut, an activist organization in its own right, the “F**k Kavanaugh” lipstick is another effort by the organization to oppose President Trump’s policies. In the past, Lipslut garnered over $100,000 with its “F**k Trump” lipstick to express opposition to the administration’s immigration policy. Supporting its cause costs about $20.

Katie Sones of Lipslut told the Bustle website the dark red color was chosen deliberately as a “calm, cool, and collected” hue as a counterpart to Judge Kavanaugh’s spirited defense of his integrity and innocence of the allegations of sexual misconduct directed at him by three women. Sones -- who founded Lipslut -- told Bustle that, “While watching the hearing and the events leading up to it, I got so upset seeing women's voices being ignored, doubted, and flat-out denied.”

Lipslut is planning to cooperate with advocacy groups that include: NO MORE, RAINN, National Alliance to End Sexual Violence, and End the Backlog. 




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