Hundreds of abused children live and roam every day behind the train station in Varanasi, Uttar - Pradesh, in northern India. Every day, more than 300,000 passengers come to the train station, behind which is Charbhuja Shahid: a monstrous slum immersed in mud where 200 families live in huts made of trash and where young children are abused, neglected and exploited. 
Citing Sister Manju of the Indian Service of Missions, the Fides news service reported that the inhabitants of the train station slum live in extreme poverty, managing to make homes in stolen vehicles and semi-trailers. Sister Manju is the co-founder of DARE, which is the only nonprofit to enter the urban slum where she and co-founder Father Abhishiktanand have found children who are lost or abandoned. Some have been rejected simply for being female.
According to the report, the children of the slum earn their living by picking up trash and debris, as well as begging, stealing or prostitution. Sister Manju says that some children collect garbage, or fill water bottles for sale. 
The DARE center opened in 2010 and is approximately 5 miles from Varanasi. Currently, it accepts only girls, of whom there are about thirty residents. Other children come to play or relax for a few hours, and can receive lessons there. Sister Manju is opposed by exploitive parents, since she works to liberate children from slavery and sexual abuse. DARE is hoping to build a new center and offer more space.



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