A police officer in Lorain, Ohio, was fired after being accused of stopping his daughter’s boyfriend and then detaining him without probable cause or provocation. Lorain is approximately 60 miles west of Cleveland. Officer John Kovach Jr. pulled Makai Coleman, 18, over while he was driving with three individuals, according to the Chronicle Telegram, and told Coleman that  he was “going to jail.” Coleman is a black male who was dating Kovach’s daughter, Katlyn.

Dash-cam footage released by police detailed the April 16 traffic stop. 

Kovach allegedly did not directly answer Coleman when asked for the reason for the arrest. The officer reportedly told Coleman, “Have a seat in my car. We’ll make sh*t up as we go.” Once Kovach had Coleman in the back of his vehicle, local resident Gloria Morales approached him and reported that two of her children were in the car he had stopped. Kovach allegedly told the Morales that his daughter’s laptop was in her home. Kovach said he wanted to retrieve the laptop, but Morales refused to admit him into her house. He then allegedly threatened to arrest Morales. 

Officer Kovach confessed later that he used the laptop to track his daughter’s whereabouts, and thus knew where she was when he pulled over the car being driven by her boyfriend in which she was a passenger in the back seat. Kovach pushed his daughter Katlyn into his vehicle and then released boyfriend Makai Coleman. While this was happening, Kovach allegedly ignored an emergency request to investigate a reported incident of road rage.

Following an internal police investigation, it was determined that Kovach had violated departmental policy by initiating a traffic stop without cause; threatening to arrest Morales; taking the teenaged Coleman into custody, and for proclaiming that he would invent charges against the boyfriend. 




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