Undercover journalist and videographer James O’Keefe and Project Veritas has produced second video in as many days that he says exposes plans by radicals to disrupt Inauguration Day and to also shut down public transportation on the Metro rail system in Washington DC. According to Project Veritas, the video reveals how the radical DisruptJ20 organization and allies plan to hobble the public transportation system by usings chains. According to Project Veritas, the video “exposes the collusion between the various groups under the DisruptJ20 umbrella. The video shows that DJ20 is not simply a movement of fringe groups but instead a nefarious organization.”
In the video, an organizer for Disrupt J-20, Legba Carrefour, is heard to say that the group plans to block “all major ingress points” to the District of Columbia. Carrefour said that the group’s direct action would “include shutting down major bridges and highway access points as well as shutting down metro rail.” O'Keefe said that his group has informed the FBI, Secret Service, and DC Metro Police of the contents of the videos.
An organizer for Smash Racism D.C., Mike Isaacson, is heard to say that they have a plan to shut down the Metro. Of the revelations, O’Keefe said that Disrupt J-20 wants to “shut down” the inauguration, thus going “well beyond civil disobedience.”
To hobble Washington’s Metro rail, Carrefour is heard to say “So, we figured out this: the trains pull up...one person is going to lock one end of a chain to an edge, and on the other end of the chain the end of the car, so on and so forth. Done." He added, "It takes 15 seconds and everyone can leave and literally it can't go anywhere at that point, it's anchored. And you can use a really thin chain. You don't need a heavy chain...that would require like a bolt cutter to undo, basically to shut down that line."
While Carrefour told The Washington Examiner about some of his group’s preparations for this week’s disruptions, another member of the group provided more insight into their planned direct action. The Project Veritas video recorded the voice of Eric Sheptock, who encouraged those in a meeting to “give” to homeless people gathered at D Street and First Street in Washington, opening up tables of food to help block traffic at the location where protesters will also assemble.
Among the groups that Project Veritas says are working under the aegis of Disrupt J-20 are Industrial Workers of the World, Metropolitan Anarchist Coordinating Council, and Refuse Fascism. The video records Dylan Petrohilos of the Industrial Workers of the World telling activists: "Our goal is to continue to help shut down the city at like, mid-inauguration, a giant clusterf--- that day." Petrohilos also said in the video that the group would not announce in advance their march route but would walk against traffic on one-way streets to cause disruption.
Another activist, identified as Aaron Cantu, is heard to say that fellow radicals would gather at a spot where yoga enthusiasts regularly gather. The radicals would pretend to be practicing yoga near a bridge, and then “take” the bridge and shut it down and march toward the center of the city. Sunsara Taylor of Refuse Fascism is seen on video saying that protest groups would become bigger on Inauguration Day and become "more and more disruptive." Starting from a few hundred protesters, she said, the group would grow to the thousands and then "spill into the streets" and “get bigger each night” in advance of Inauguration Day.
The video reveals the extent of organized protesting that has been going on for months. Two protesters, who refused to give their full names, told an undercover journalist that they had been on the road for months since the Republican National Convention. One had also spent months at the protest against the oil pipeline slated to cross at Standing Rock in North Dakota. After months of protests and rioting, the movement to shut down the pipeline was successful: President Barack Obama announced that the pipeline project is to be re-routed. 



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