President Barack Obama accused Americans of the southern states of being racist in their reactions to the course of his presidency. In an interview on CNN with Fareed Zakaria, the president asked rhetorically, “Are there folks whose primary concern about me has been that I seem foreign ― the other? Are those who champion the birther movement feeding off of bias?  Absolutely.”
Zakaria said during his report that Obama “doesn’t see racism in mainstream opposition to him, but he does see it on the fringes.”
”I think there’s a reason attitudes about my presidency among whites in northern states are very different from whites in southern states,” Obama told Zakaria. 
A former Obama administration advisor, David Axelrod, appeared on the broadcast and also addressed the issue of racism directed, supposedly, towards Obama specifically. “It’s indisputable that there was a ferocity to the opposition and a lack of respect to him that was a function of race,” he said.
The primetime special “The Legacy of Barack Obama” was aired last night and touched on how the incoming Trump administration may dismantle much of what Obama did during his eight years in office.



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