Before Alex Jones and his InfoWars media was banned by Apple, Facebook, Google, and Pinterest on Monday for alleged “hate speech,” a progressive media watchdog group was already seeking to expand the scope of curtailing free speech on social media platforms. Media Matters for America, which was founded by progressive political organizer David Brock and funded by financier George Soros, published an article on July 31 titled “Facebook has a climate-denial problem.”

Media Matters wrote, “Facebook, well-known as a breeding ground for misinformation, has a particular problem with disseminating false and misleading messages about climate change science. The platform spreads climate-denying videos and other posts, hosts climate-denying ads, and officially partners with climate-denying media outlets and organizations.” It singled out a video released by Marc Morano of Climate Depot. Morano is an investigative journalist and activist who has long sought to challenge widely shared ideas about the origins of climate change. 

The progressive Media Matters referred to Morano’s video, “Why Climate Change is Fake News,” and to Morano himself as a “longtime spokesperson and blogger for the climate-denial cause.” The video has received more than 6 million views on Facebook.

In an article on its website, Media Matters affirmed that Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg “has expressed concern about climate change” but criticized him because he has not used “the immense power of his platform to halt misinformation about climate change.” Suggesting that Facebook should cull those who dissent from the view that climate change is causing rising global temperatures and attendant changes in the environment, Media Matters suggested that the media platform should ban “climate denial” coverage such as Morano’s. “Facebook is enabling and disseminating climate denial on multiple fronts. In addition to the problems outlined above, the platform helps bogus climate stories to spread…” Last year, Media Matters named Zuckerberg as its “misinformer of the year...for leading a company that is spreading misinformation far and wide.” Media Matters went on to say: “Combating fake news is key to combating climate change.”

Climate change skeptic Marc Morano

In an email response to Spero News, Morano wrote, "I was honored to be a past recipient of Media Matters ‘misinformer of the year’ award.” Noting that his video has over 6 million views, Morano said that it has destroyed the “foundation of the man-made global warming scare -- the phony 97 percent consensus. “ Referring to his book, “The Politically Incorrect Guide to Climate Change,” Morano said that he devotes an entire chapter to what he calls the “97 percent con.” Finally, Morano wrote: “As a result, climate activists are busy trying to get Facebook to ban any views that don't line up with Al Gore or the United Nations. Science does not progress by censorship or banning." 

Following the broad social media ban of InfoWars and Alex Jones, InfoWars/PrisonPlanet contributor Paul Joseph Watson tweeted that Media Matters seeks to silence climate change doubters.




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