London's Westminster Abbey will celebrate the bicentenary of one of Britain’s greatest writers with a wreathlaying in the famed Anglican church's South Transept next month. The ceremony will mark the bicentennial of the birth of Charles Dickens and will be held at the Abbey at 11am on Tuesday, February 7. It is one of a number of events being held this year to mark the anniversary of the great Victorian writer, who is buried in the South Transept of the Abbey.

The wreathlaying ceremony will include readings from the Dickens’ novels and his other writings by a distinguished actor, an author and two of his  descendants. Among Dickens' works are Oliver Twist, A Tale of Two Cities, and A Christmas Tale. Many of these have been made into memorable films.

The Dean of Westminster, the Very Reverend Dr John Hall, said: "Dickens'  humanity and compassion made an extraordinary impact on Victorian England through his writings, which remain immensely popular. This bicentenary should help renew our commitment to improving the lot of the disadvantaged of our own day."

A limited number of tickets for the ceremony will be available to the general public. Anyone wishing to attend should contact: Room 7, The Chapter Office, 20 Dean's Yard, London SW1P 3PA.

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