Despite the retreat of most European colonial powers in the 1950s, Western governments, donors, and corporations have imposed an entirely new colonization on the peoples of Africa. Offering billions of dollars of aid, foreign governments and organizations have sought to engage in population control, destigmatization of same-sex relationships and marriage, as well as making abortion a common-place. 

Nigerian human rights activist Obianuju Ekeocha, who has been active in resisting the pro-abortion mentality in Africa and elsewhere, warns that Africans have little interest in the agenda being promoted by foreigners. She claims in her new book, Target Africa: Ideological neo-colonialism in the Twenty-First century, she argues that a new wave of colonialism is well underway on the African continent. 

As a native of Nigeria, Ekeocha remembers celebrations of new life and babies almost every month in her village. Marriage was, and still is, seen as a sacred union of a man and woman driven by fertility and love. "Condomization" of the youth was a foreign concept, since abstinence was consistently taught in schools, she argues. Westerners are actively trying to force the exact opposite of these values onto Africans.

Target Africa uncovers the influence that organizations such as International Planned Parenthood and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation have over Africa's leaders and cities. These organizations raise billions of dollars for condom distribution, contraception, and abortion rather than funneling the money into preventative healthcare and clean water, argues Ekeocha.

Ekeocha is a biomedical scientist and the founder of Culture of Life Africa, which seeks to defend the sanctity and dignity of human life. In Target Africa, Ekeocha examines how international donors are "masterfully exploiting some of the heaviest burdens and affiliations of Africa such as maternal mortality, unplanned pregnancies, HIV/AIDS pandemic, child marriage and persistent poverty," according to a news release.

"To find out about a real war on women, read this book," says Abby Johnson, author of Unplanned and The Walls Are Talking. "You will learn how Western governments, organizations and businesses target female fertility in Africa to further their own ambitions." 




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