Many pro-lifers were dismayed that Pope Francis did not more robustly defend the rights of the unborn child while he was in the United States. Though he has done so in the past many times, hopes were high he would do so in the land of abortion on demand through all months of pregnancy.
Though Francis did mention the unborn child at the UN in a list of issues dear to him, he did not utter the word abortion. Even so, those pro-lifers who do work in the UN arena were quite pleased with his talk to the General Assembly a week ago Friday morning.
He mentioned the unborn as deserving of protection, certainly, but he also condemned the “marketing of human organs and tissues.” Many took this to be a direct reference to the gruesome videos produced by the Center for Medical Progress. It turns out the Pope has used similar language in the past as he has talked about seeing poor children in Argentina with long scars on their backs from where their organs have been removed and likely sold by their families.
Even though he has mentioned such abuses in the past, there is little doubt the Pope knows about the videos and that he had them in mind also when he condemned the sale of human organs.
The Pope also used a phrase he has used before, most recently in his encyclical Laudato Si; the phrase “ideological colonialism.” There is little doubt what this means. It is an alarm that’s been raised by African bishops and pro-life groups at the UN for going on twenty years.
Pro-lifers who work in the UN context were thrilled Francis used that term and used it in the UN itself because the UN is one of the main fonts of this type of colonialism, what UN pro-lifers have also called “sexual colonialism.” It is what you see whenever a UN document is negotiated and the phrase “reproductive rights” is used or the concept of “comprehensive sexuality education.”
These are concepts of the sexual revolution that have so harmed societies in the north and west, particularly the United States and various countries in Europe. These are the concepts that have led to the deaths of millions of people and the widespread breakup of the family and subjugation of even the youngest of children to various sexual ideologies including “gender” and LGBT.
UN pro-lifers were astounded that Francis would mention that concept in the very building where much of this ideology was hatched and long-since promoted. Though he began his day meeting with UN staff to encourage them in their work, he made it clear in the General Assembly Hall a few minutes later that not all of their work meets with his approval.



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