In an email to subscribers, Heritage Action -- an outreach effort by the Washington-based Heritage Foundation -- asserted that Obama administration’s signature legislative victory is on the verge of collapse. Obamacare should be repealed, said the email, despite calls among some in Congress to prop it up. It called on Congress to take legislative action before the end of the year.
Heritage Action suggested three steps for stopping what it called “Obamacare bailouts” that can be expected when Congress reconvenes after the November 8 election and enters into its lame duck session.
“1. Allow temporary programs to expire:
“The first step in stopping taxpayer bailouts is for Congress to do nothing. It’s simple, allow the law’s Transitional Reinsurance and Risk Corridors programs to expire as scheduled -- at the end of 2016.
“2. Reassert current law that Obama has previously signed:
“The Reinsurance program, by law, requires the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) to deposit a total of $5 billion into the U.S. Treasury by 2016. To date, they haven’t paid the taxpayers back a single penny and instead have illegally prioritized payments to insurance companies.” Heritage action cited the Government Accountability Office and Congressional Research Service for find this action in violation of section 1341 in the Obamacare law. “Sen. Ben Sasse (R-NE) and Rep. Mark Walker (R- NC) have introduced the Taxpayers Before Insurers Act, which would penalize HHS for illegally prioritizing payments to insurers.”
Finally, the Heritage Action memo said:
“3. Block illegal or backdoor payments:
“HHS wants to use taxpayer dollars to cover the Risk Corridors claims and even invited the insurance companies to sue them - which the insurance companies did.” Heritage Action warned against settlements to be reached by the Obama administration and insurance companies, “which could be accompanied by a multi-billion payment from what’s known as the Judgement Fund.”
Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has vowed that he would seek to repeal Obamacare, should he take office.



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