With the legal termination of the Obama Administration, it is worth taking time for a damage control assessment of what has actually transpired over the past eight years under the banner of “Hope and Change”.
First of all, we have witnessed a serious decline of race relations. The Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. proclaimed a standard of accountability, whereby people would be assessed not on the basis of the color of their skin, but the content of their character.
But the Obama Administration has consistently embraced a reverse racism, which condemned anyone who disagreed with any part of his secular progressive agenda as a racist. Thus, a person who disagreed with his 2008 pro-abortion assertion that a woman should not be “punished with a child” conceived out of wedlock is considered a racist for disagreeing with the first black President of the U.S.A. and the Congressional Black Caucus, since both of them are strongly pro-abortion.
Ironically, even though the abortion rate among black Americans is over three times that of white Americans, the illegitimacy rate among African-Americans is about 70%. Thus if a person does not agree that 70% of African-American babies are punishments for unprotected sex, that person is at risk of being labeled as a racist. Apparently, to avoid the charge of being a racist, one must support the Obama premise that the lives of pre-born blacks do not matter. Also, one risks being labeled a racist for advocating school choice for inner city parents trying to get their children out of schools,where their education is hampered by drug dealers, gangs and sexual predators. Thus it seems that Dr. King’s dream has been systematically degraded into a nightmare by traitorous black leaders, who are more interested in promoting resentment, rather than resilience in the black community.
The Obama legacy has also included a serious rejection of international law, thus leading to pro-active moves by Russian leaders to protect her sovereignty. For example, NATO was established as a purely defensive alliance, whereby joint action would only be taken when one of its member nations were attacked. Yet, under Clinton, NATO forces attacked Serbia because it was engaged in a civil war in its Kosovo province. Obama likewise disregarded the restrictions of the NATO Charter to arrange for attacks on Libya, during it civil war. Thus NATO policy has evolved to give Western nations the “right” to attack any nation engaged in a civil war – even if those nations have not attacked any NATO member.
Apparently, all that is required to justify NATO aggression is the failure of a particular nation to conform to the agenda of the world’s only superpower. What makes this even more ironic is that the one perpetuating such arrogant interference and aggression is a recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize.
The legacy of Obama also includes assistance to the spread of jihadist Islam around the world. By ignoring the urgings of top advisors to renegotiate a status of forces agreement with the government of Iraq, he callously squandered the sacrifices of thousands of our troops and opened the way for the ISIS to unleash its genocidal hatred on millions of Iraqis and Syrians.
And the consequent tsunami of unvetted refugees into the West, has opened the way for countless jihadist sleeper cells to be established in both Europe and the United States.
In a similar vein, his refusal to vigorously enforce U.S. immigration laws has led to a major influx of gang members, drug dealers, criminals and human traffickers into our nation. Through the State Department, he has even encouraged parents in Central America to send their innocent and vulnerable children unaccompanied and unsupervised on a thousand mile trip to America – through a gauntlet of sexual predators, human traffickers and drug dealers.
And, promising that they would no be prosecuted, he has urged non-citizens, whether they be immigrants or infiltrators, to vote. This is especially pernicious, since registering to vote required that they commit perjury by signing legal documents swearing that they were citizen and to vote.
With regard to health care, his legacy is a system that is financially imploding and cannot survive without some major government subsidies. Also, contrary to his promise not to uses the Affordable Care Act to force people and businesses to provide contraception and abortion coverage, he has sought to force everyone to financially buy into such practices, regardless of their moral conviction. And, of course, it is now quite evident that his promises of $2,500 savings per year per family, of our being allowed to keep our doctor and of our being able to keep our healthcare plan were lies. Even the architect of the Affordable Care Act was caught on video cynically remarking that the passing of the Affordable Care Act was only possible because of the stupidity of the American people -  those whom Hillary Clinton later referred to as a "basketful of deplorables."
Obama’s legacy also involves that of supporting “fake news”, such as “Hands up, don’t shoot,” pandemic racism among our police and first responders, and the blaming of the massive killing spree in Chicago on the NRA. And his refusal to use to clearly define the jihadist problem by using the words “radical Islamic terrorists” shows that his primary allegiance is to Islam, not to the United States. And this allegiance is so absolute and uncritical that he will not admit the fact that this “religion of peace” has primarily relied on invasion, infiltration, intimidation, rape, pillaging, robbery, enslavement, dhimmitude and suppression as its main means of growth for the past fourteen centuries. But, as both Islamists and secular progressives agree, the end justifies the means. Likewise, if they cannot fulfill their agenda by the power of persuasion, they will not hesitate to use the persuasion of power – or even the abuse of power.
Obama’s legacy also includes the promotion of sexual degeneracy and the intimidation/prosecution of those who uphold the integrity of marriage as a covenant of one man and one woman that is faithfully lived and open to procreation until death. Whereas God made humanity male and female, Obama, his fellow Democrats and his activist judicial supporters have sought to make us alphabet soup. And any who disagree with this agenda and its promulgation, even to young children, are labeled and libeled as purveyors of hate.
As bad as all this is, I personally believe that the most destructive part of his legacy was his success in getting numerous members of the clergy to give him a free pass, just so long as he wrapped himself in the mantle of “social justice.” These parrots of progressivism chose to ignore the nature of serious criminal and sinful activities.
Embracing the spirit of the New Presumption, they assert that God is so good and merciful that practically everyone is going to be saved. Thus morality is divorced from objective truth and accountability and left to “evolve” to suit the demands of the progressive agenda of the cultural elite. For example, they allege that the unlimited right to migrate justifies lying, cheating and violating the rights of those supporting the integrity of the law.
Likewise, they contend that we should embrace a spirit of tolerance, whereby we can see sexual molestation and rape by Moslem migrants as merely cultural issues, not criminal ones. And many of the clergy even acquiesce to the assertion that the Eucharistic  Christ wants to give an encouraging “thumbs up” to those proactively promoting the beheading and butchering of pre-born babies. If this incremental degeneration of the Faith to accommodate the demands of the state continues, it will not be long before a number of the dioceses in our nation be relegated to the status of titular sees. But, as Hillary Clinton once said, “What difference, at this point, does it make?”
After all, if all people have a reasonable hope of being saved, who really needs churches or dioceses. All that we as clergy have to do is be energetic activities directors on the good ship, Salvation.
I pray that all may come to recognize the evils that have been foisted upon us by the false prophets of progressivism, and thus realize that the only true world order is one built on reverence for and accountability to the truth and love offered to the world by Christ, our Savior and King.  
Spero columnist Rev. Thomas Collins is a Catholic priest who serves the people of Virginia.



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