Representative Trey Gowdy (R-SC) said that former secretary of state Hillary Clinton has no one to blame but herself for being at the focus of a renewed federal investigation. Speaking to Megyn Kelly on Fox News’s “The Kelly File,” Gowdy said that the reopening of the investigation is “extraordinary.”
Gowdy told Kelly, “Well it’s pretty extraordinary because Secretary Clinton had an extraordinary email arrangement with herself. She is the author of her own destiny. Everything that’s happened since then is the natural, probable consequence of deciding you’re going to have a rogue email system.”
Gowdy chaired the Select Committee on Benghazi and is a current member of the House Oversight Committee. He said he believes FBI Director James Comey acted appropriately by reopening the investigation. He commented that Comey’s letter was “cryptic” because it did not confirm what newly discovered emails contain.
“He hasn’t even confirmed yet that the information is significant,” Gowdy said. “I understand she’s upset and I understand she doesn’t like the timing” of Comey’s communication, he said of Clinton, “but she need look no further than herself.” Gowdy, who had numerous verbal confrontations with Clinton during House hearings, blasted her demands that FBI release all the information it has found in the case. The bureau has no legally binding obligation to disclose anything about an ongoing investigation, he said, “The same person who went to great lengths to make sure that these emails were private now, all of a sudden, wants it all made public,” Gowdy said. “It’s just too rich.”



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