Media personality and political pundit Ann Coulter re-tweeted a post from Twitter that appears to provide further evidence that political cadres are infiltrating Trump rallies. Over the March 12-13 weekend, Republican frontrunner Donald Trump accused Sen. Bernie Sanders of being behind infiltrators who disrupted a pro-Trump rally in Chicago on March 11. However, evidence is emerging – circumstantial and otherwise – that leftist groups and Democrats are the “disrupters” to whom Trump was referring.

The tweet offered by Coulter shows a photograph of what appears to be a type-written set of talking-points to be used by Trump’s opponents. It is dated March 12, 2016, and is entitled “Donald Trump Rally Talking Points.” It provides three answers to possible questions from the media and others about the presence of anti-Trump protesters.

For example, to the question ‘Who are you?’, the talking points prescribes the answer: “We are a multi-racial group of faith leaders, students, union, and community leaders who are committed to non-violence and are attending the rally.” And when asked ‘Will you disrupt this rally?’ the paper prescribes the answer, that the members of the group will “take action consistent with their conscience.”

Moveon.Org is a leftist organization that receives funding from George Soros, a billionaire of Hungarian origin who is an American citizen. The group is capitalizing on the protests in Chicago to raise funds. According to a March 12 MoveOn fundraising message, “Last night, without consulting local police, Donald Trump abruptly cancelled a rally in Chicago in the face of massive and overwhelmingly peaceful student-led protests.” It added, “We’re being flooded with aggressive emails and social media posts from Trump supporters. Some of them are threatening. We refuse to be intimidated by Donald Trump, Fox News, or anyone else.” The group has been one of the most active in protesting Trump at his rallies. Among the other groups protesting against Trump is Black Lives Matter, and several Communist groups.

Among the other leftist groups who have been instrumental in organizing protests against Trump are the following: 

Chicago ANSWER (Act Now to Stop War and End Racism)

ANSWER Chicago is a local unit of an international network of leftists that emerged after the terrorist attacks of 2001 and was one of the first groups to protest the war in Afghanistan. Since that time, ANSWER has been involved in anti-capitalist demonstrations. It is in favor of labor unions and open borders. In a Facebook page, “We will have a report back from the People’s victory against Trump last night,” according to coordinator John Beacham.

ANSWER gave advance notice that an anti-Trump protest was being planned. Their website proclaimed: “Mass Protest to Stop Donald Trump.” On its page, the group stated: “Stand with All Immigrants, Muslims and People of Color! Shut Down White Supremacy! Spread the word. Organize everyone you can and get them to this very important protest. Everywhere Trump goes he and his racist mob must be shut down by the people!”

Illinois Coalition of Immigrant and Refugee Rights This group specialized in immigration issues, and is more radical that the National Council on La Raza in Illinois. A left-wing website, Progress Illinois, published an article on March 8 titled, “New Americans Hit The Polls In Chicago As Immigrant Advocates Gear Up For Anti-Trump Protest.”

La Raza Chicago

This is the local branch of La Raza, which has promoted immigration reform at odds with conservatives. It had its people on the scene in Chicago on March 11. A post written in Spanish on the group’s website, when translated into English, said: “Donald Trump canceled its event Friday night at the University of Illinois at Chicago, for safety reasons, including the thousands of protesters who gathered inside and outside the venue, protesting his presence, which has already caused confrontations with supporters of Trump and the authorities.”

The group identified protesters in much the same way as did the talking points that were re-tweeted by Ann Coulter. The group stated, “Protests at presidential candidate rally had been organized for days by a coalition of activists, students, religious and political city, including numerous Latino organizations and African American (organizations.)”




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