Project Veritas founder James O’Keefe, after releasing a video on Monday that showed leftists plotting to shut down a pro-Trump celebration, engaged in a back and forth Twitter exchange with Lacy Macauley of the radical Disrupt J-20 group that in turn provided revelations. Undercover journalists recorded for Veritas plans being made by the radical group, DC Antifascist Coalition -- an ally -- to disrupt the pro-Trump Deploraball event with stink bombs and by setting off fire alarms and sprinklers. According to O'Keefe, one thousand Trump supporters are expected at the Deploraball.

O’Keefe wrote on Twitter on Monday evening that another video and more revelations can be expected today. In a radio interview with Sean Hannity of Fox News on Monday, O'Keefe said that he will reveal plans leftists have to seriously disrupt public transportation on Inauguration Day among other forms of direct action. O'Keefe told Hannity that he expects the imminent arrest of the people named in the video. He added that when he took his evidence to District of Columbia police, officers told him that police already had the anarchist group "on the radar" and thanked him for the information. O'Keefe said that he is continually receiving information from his informants who remain in the radical organization who are tipping him to the planned disruptions of Donald Trump's inauguration celebration.

One of the leaders of Disrupt J-20, Lacy Macauley, initially defied O’Keefe on Twitter, but eventually ceased all tweets when O’Keefe revealed that he has an informant in her group. The organizer of the Deploraball event, pro-Trump Twitterer Mike Cernovich, told followers this evening that he considers Disrupt J-20’s plans as “domestic terrorism” and announced that he will file civil charges against the protesters caught on camera. 

O’Keefe wrote earlier that he had informed local law enforcement, as well as the Secret Service and the FBI about the planned disruption. The 'Deploraball' will gather together Trump supporters on the evening of January 19, as will several inaugural balls planned in the city this week. In a statement on Periscope, Cernovich said of the Disrupt J-20 organizers, "They made a real big mistake." He added, "When you're threatened with terrorism, and you have people saying they're going to commit terrorism at a party you're hosting, you have to take that quite seriously."

"They seem to think it is just a prank, and I would refer them to the Dept. of Justice's website -- This is actually a felony," Cernovich continued. "This isn't funny at all. It is terrorism... We have filed a criminal complaint against the conspirators, and the FBI is investigating that right now.” He added that he will file a civil action against the “domestic terrorists” who purchased tickets, while labelling it as a “criminal conspiracy to commit terrorism.”

In a press release, Macauley and the Disrupt J-20 group claimed that the activists they identified as “Organizers with DC Antifascist Coalition” supposedly “knew they were likely being monitored by an infiltrator when that video was taken. Activists fed false information to Project Veritas infiltrator.” Disrupt J-20 claimed to have identified “four confirmed infiltrators who have tried to integrate themselves into our organizing,” who were allegedly working with O’Keefe and Project Veritas.

The press release stated: “We must make this clear: These groups are doing the dirty work of Nazis, white nationalists, and other groups who are furthering Trump’s assault on vulnerable communities.” Claiming to have detected a “false flag” operation, Disrupt J-20’s DC Antifascist Coalition allies met with a Project Veritas operative they named “Tyler.” The Disrupt J-20 release claimed that the group spoke of false plans in order to protect themselves, and did not discuss any real intentions.

'False flag'

“It is laughable that Project Veritas believes that organizers would discuss secret “stink bomb’ plans with an unknown individual in a public venue. Project Veritas’ lack of judgement portrays the poor quality of their work.”

Moreover, the release claims that the group bought tickets to the Deploraball in order to “capture on video any compromising moments from the performers or speakers, such as the Nazi salutes that similar groups gave in November.”

On the Veritas video, Luke Kuhn, of the D.C. Anti-Fascist Coalition, can be heard to say: "The message has to be, we do not recognize the city government either. If you try to close us down we will look for your house. We will burn it. We will physically fight the police if they try to steal one of our places. We will go to war and you will lose.” The video also showed that a member of the anarchist group went to the National Press Club, the planned venue for the Deploraball, and reported afterward: “The reconnaissance went pretty well, and we left with the confidence that we can accomplish our objective with no negative consequence for our side, nor any collateral damage."

'Playing along'

In the Twitter exchange between O’Keefe and Macauley, O’Keefe wrote: "So Disrupt J-20 is saying they were just 'playing along' - except we have all their emails and more footage, which we will drip out tomorrow."

O'Keefe tweeted later, "We have so more video tomorrow! Just come clean now. Or we drip." Alluding to the charges he has faced in the past for some of his undercover activities that exposed leftists and government, wrote: "Lacy, calling 'nazi' does nothing for you. You don't know what my government has put me through over the last eight years. Who's the underdog?" In an email to her followers, Macauley wrote that she had written her last email to the Antifascist Coalition. "James O'Keefe," she wrote, "just helpfully advised us that we have a 'mole.'"



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