Ann Coulter trolls leftist 'beta males' for opposing free speech

entertainment | Apr 21, 2017 | By Martin Barillas

Best-selling author and conservative activist Ann Coulter condemned leftist protesters in Berkeley, California, who committed what she called "viewpoint discrimination" and hurt her reputation. She told Fox News host Sean Hannity that she suffered a monetary loss due to the cancellation of her scheduled speech on the campus of University of California-Berkeley. 
Berkeley canceled Coulter's speech, but then decided to reschedule it to another date at another venue. Coulter said she will deliver her speech on the original date because the new date would come when students are not on campus.
Coulter referred to black-clad leftist protesters as “little beta males” who are willing to use weapons on a “90-pound girl.”
Here follow excerpts of her exchange with Hannity: 
ANN COULTER: None of this has to do with security. After acceding to all their requirements, which were also arbitrary and silly, and they claimed it was on the basis of safety, I suggested two measures that actually would allow free speech to exist on Berkeley, if they wanted it to. And that was one thing to announce that any students caught engaging in violence, mayhem, or disrupting an invited speaker's speech would be expelled and number two, to have a little talk with the Berkeley chief of police, who is allowing these Rodney King riots to go on whenever conservative speaker speaks...
It is anarchy when you are only enforcing the law in order to allow liberals to speak. But, no, we'll let these masked rioters show up with weapons and start -- I mean, they are all little beta males but with a weapon, even a beta male can do some damage, especially to a 99-pound girl. 
To have them stepping in, those private individuals, according to courts, are acting under color of state law. And for the police to refuse to protect even offensive speech and by the way, I'm the author of 12 New York Times best sellers. This has damaged my reputation for them to be acting like I'm David Duke out there. But courts have found, even somebody out burning an American flag, the police cannot stand by and let skinheads beat them up. That is viewpoint discrimination. And they are all libel.



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