New footage from rebel soldier cell phones shows Libya's former leader, Muammar Gaddafi, being sodomized with a metal instrument.

Soon after Gaddafi died after being captured fleeing from the city of Sirte, questions have been raised about his manner of death.

With NATO-sanctioned rebel soldiers capturing footage of Gaddafi's last stand on their cell phones, his last breath seems to have escaped the cameras. But new footage shows images of a rebel placing a metal rod, or perhaps a knife, near or into Gaddafi's rectal area. In just a few frames of video, a shadow appears, which could be blood saturating the clothing where the instrument was inserted, and a couple of frames later grows larger.

A obstruction into the rectal area would cause massive bleeding after tearing large blood vessels in the area. Stool would also spill into the abdomen causing the person immense pain. Both trauma would quickly cause shock.

The international community, including the United States, has asked for an investigation into how Gaddafi was killed.

Footage of Gadaffi's capture shows him already wounded with blood from his head and perhaps his shoulder. Rebels then paraded him through the streets of Sirte while soldiers stopped to beat him while recording the moment on the cell phones. At moments Gaddafi appeared listless while at other times he seemed defiant while negotiating with the rebels to spare his life.

Reports about how he died have varied with some claiming it was a shot to the chest that killed him while some claim it was a shot to the head that killed him. One rebel claims to have shot him with Gaddafi's own golden gun.

An autopsy claims he was shot in the head.

After Gaddafi died, the new Libyan government displayed his body in a freezer for a few days until it began to rot and leak decayed fluids. On Monday his body was secretly buried.



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