A photograph taken in New Hampshire by the press following Sen. Bernie Sanders' Democratic primary victory on February 9 showed that Hillary Clinton's campaign staff would get a failing grade in basic American flag etiquette that most Americans learn in grade school.

According to honored tradition, the American flag is revered as a national symbol and testimony to patriotic sacrifice that is always accorded due respect, even by foreigners living in the United States. Moreover, the flag is never supposed to touch the ground or soiled by anything.

However, a photograph revealed that on the floor in front of risers used for a campaign appearance, an American flag lay crumpled and abandoned on the floor.

Accompanying the photo in a Washington Post Twitter posting was the comment: "With many hours to go, Clinton's staff has flags ready for their election night party."

The preparations were for naught. This was because Sen. Sanders - an Indepenent of Socialist leanings - handily won the Democratic primary in the New Hampshire race. No statement has emerged from the Clinton campaign concerning the flagrant violation of respect due to the flag.



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