On Thursday, officers of the Dallas Police Department arrested Dominque Alexander. An activist with the Black Lives Matter movement, Alexander organized an anti-police protest in 2016 that left five police officers dead and  seven wounded during rioting.

Alexander, according to the Dallas Observer, is now facing charges of felony theft. A former employer has charged that Alexander received payments ranging from $2,500 to $30,000 from clients without transferring them to the company.

It was in July 2016 that Alexander became the focus of media attention when rioting broke out in Dallas during the Black Lives Matter protest. During the protest, a protestor opened fire on police, killing five and wounding seven. It was Alexander’s Next Generation Action Network that sponsored and organize the protest. According to the Dallas Observer, Alexander responded, “I’m so beyond outraged. This is a bogus-ass charge. It’s ridiculous.” He added, “This is a civil issue. If I owe this guy money, this is a civil issue.”

Alexander does have a history of violence himself. For example, he pleaded guilty in 2009 to causing serious bodily injury to a 2-year-old boy, the son of Alexander's girlfriend. Alexander claimed that the toddler had slipped off a couch, causing the injury. However, a physician disputed the claim, reporting in the intensive care unit of a local hospital he found that the boy had a subdural hemorrhage between the halves of his brain and at the back of the brain. He also had retinal hemorrhages in both eyes, inconsistent with Alexander's claim.

Alexander was then sentenced only to probation. Since then, repeated probation violations by the activist borugh him a sentence of two years in prison in August 2016. However, a lenient judge decided that his years of probation counted against his two-year sentence. Alexander spent less than a month in jail.

Just before his most recent arrest, Alexander was among those removing a statue of Confederate General Robert E. Lee statue near Dallas. Now he faces up to two years in prison if convicted of the theft charges.




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