Jerry Brown and California's 2011 Legislative season

world | Oct 20, 2011 | By Camille Giglio

(b) A minor who is 12 years of age or older may consent to medical care related to the prevention of a sexually transmitted disease.  AB 499, signed by Gov. Jerry Brown, 10/9/2011

California Governor Brown signed the AB 499 bill, authored by Assemblywoman Toni Atkins, (D), of San Diego. It will take effect on January 1, 2012.

The question needs to be asked: Why did Governor Jerry Brown sign a bill so destructive to parental authority in order to see that the Merck Pharmaceutical Company vaccine called Gardasil was available to minors? 

He didn’t have to.

Gardasil has been available for California minors since 2006 just as it is available to teenagers across the country and in fact available world-wide. And, Merck has maintained a blitz of advertising regarding the benefits of this vaccine as a measure to ward off genital warts and the possibility of cervical cancer for the sexually active.

Also, Kaiser hospitals and community clinics have been administering this vaccine to teens, especially mediCal (tax supported)  patients during this time.

And how, when Brown blames the Republicans for our state’s economic mess, can he justify indebting our state for upwards of a minimum of $2.5 million to pay for administrative costs for the vaccine’s series of 3 shots for an estimated targeted clientele of 923,000 children between the ages of 12-under 18?

Though Gardasil is not mentioned in the bill, the bill has been referred to as the Gardasil bill because that is the only currently FDA approved vaccine being marketed as a remedy for the prevention (not treatment) of certain communicable diseases contracted as a result of  sexual activity. It is referred to by its supporters as a preventive measure for a communicable disease.

In reality its value as a preventive  for cervical cancer and or genital warts is questionable since it has a multitude of known life threatening side effects and the disease it seeks to avoid is easily treated with other, less invasive measures.

That one sentence thrusts our children into the status of independent health care consumers easily accessible to the soothing and seductive sales pitches of vaccine
salesmen whether the child is at school, or in the doctor’s’ office.

One mother who took her daughter to a community clinic stated that she was led to believe that the shot was required for admittance to school. Her 15 year old daughter received the first shot in June, she began to develop problems of weakness which no doctor could identify. A month later she received the second shot in combination with a Chicken Pox shot  soon developing aplastic anemia and within  a couple of months was dead.

Another young woman went to Kaiser with her mother for a check up.  The doctor asked the mother for permission to give the daughter the shot. The mother said no.  Later the doctor spoke privately to the daughter telling her that if she wanted to receive the shot she would not tell the girl’s mother.  The daughter said no.

The signing of this bill brings Jerry Brown full circle as the elected official most instrumental in destroying the natural right of parents to guide and direct their children in sexual development, i.e., moral and ethical matters.

Jerry Brown was Governor from 1975-83. During that time He declared that California would not comply with federal regulations for reporting all abortions performed in the state in order to receive federall funding. Brown declared that California would pay for all California abortions. 

He appointed Rose Bird to the California Supreme Court. Her tenure as Chief Justice resulted in the Minor’s abortion rights Act Decision, entitled The Committee to Defend Reproductive Rights v Myers. Myers was Beverly Myers, Director of California’s Department of Health, also a Brown appointee. Some court observers felt that there was a too chummy relation between The Committe and Myers. Both Bird and Myers  quickly disappeared from the public scene following their usefulness. This placed abortion in the category of a privacy issue thereby authorizing minors to act in their own capacity on this life threatening decision.

The State Office of Family Planning, created under Reagan’s Administration, was enhanced and well funded under Brown. It’s now called Family PACT.

The necessity of the Myers decision as expressed by abortion supporters was that some children could not talk to their parents about such intimate matters and might even be placed in abusive situations if they had to tell their parents that they were sexually active. Now we have over one million abortions performed on teens per year in California.

Using this reasoning, that minors had the capacity to act on their own behalf in reproductive matters has produced further legislation signed by both Democrat and Republican Governors, empowering children to become independent consumers of sexual products and services and further establishing the state as the “parent of choice” in reproductive matters for teens.

There’s great irony involved. Since Roe v Wade,  Pro-life parents have protested this right of access for minors due, in part to the negative effects of early involvement in sexual activity, i.e. the pregnancies, the venereal diseases, the possibility  of cervical cancer.  We always assumed that Planned Parenthood were not listening to us.  Now we can see that they were, but their’  was a scientific not moral response.  Give children preventive vaccines negating some of the concerns and then children are free to be sexually active without the negative effects.

The politicians are applauded for their far-sightedness, Planned Parenthood and associates enrich themselves on our tax dollars and Merck increases its net profit.   Schools will most likely incorporate instruction in accessing the vaccinations as a part of its sex education program, vaccine injury compensation lawyers, a specialty field in law, may well profit from increased caseloads, science further establishes itself as the new divine authority. Who needs morality and ethics when science and politicians can protect us from the consequences of our daily choices? 

Camille Giglio is a California-based freelance writer and journalist.



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