Political commentator and conservative activist Candace Owens posted a series of tweets condemning the behavior of members of the Congressional Black Caucus during President Donald Trump’s State of the Union address. Otherwise known as Red Pill Black, Owens bashed the Democratic Party over its treatment of black Americans. For example, on Wednesday, Owens tweeted, “Phew. Turns out it’s not just the triumphs of black people that Democrats hate; It’s America in general.”

Owens said that black members of Congress who remained seated during standing ovations for Trump’s speech would have stood if Barack Obama had made similar remarks. She said that black members of Congress to sat or looked at the cell phones are “are nothing more than slaves to the Democratic Party.” Owens tweeted on Thursday, “If Obama had announced that black unemployment was at an all time low, the black caucus would have leapt to their feet and erupted into cheers. Their silence last night proves that they do not hold black interests. They are nothing more than slaves to the Democratic Party.”

Owens, who is a staff member at the conservative Turning Point USA non-profit organization, wrote “For too long, blacks that have been trying to help the black community have been labeled coons, while those that wish to destroy it have been celebrated as heroes,” Owens wrote. “That chapter is coming to an end. BlackAmerica is on the brink of an ideological revolution. We can’t be stopped.”

During Trump’s address on Tuesday night, members of the Congressional Black Caucus refused to applaud the Trump administration’s accomplishments. Trump, for example, announced that  “African American unemployment stands at the lowest rate ever recorded.”
When the majority of the crowd stood to applaud, most Democrats and black caucus member remained sitting. 

Citing radical Islamic terrorism as a threat to the country, Owens identified yet another threat. “If you think radical islamists are the only threat to America, you must not be watching the State of the Union address” Owens tweeted on Tuesday night. “Holy crap, Democrats.”

Owens also tweeted that she is being "slammed" with responses from Democrats on her Facebook page. One of the respondents, idetnified as Pati Smith, claimed to have been converted to the Republican Party after watching the Democrats react to Trump's message.  


Sen. Joe Manchin (D-W.Va.) also voiced his disapproval of his fellow Democrats’ behavior.



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