With the advent of maneuverable hypersonic glide vehicles, such as the Russian Avangard (speed over 5,000 mph), many of the expensive weapons systems proclaimed by President Donald Trump as justification for his capitulation on the Omnibus spending bill are as obsolete as the battleship in the age of aircraft carriers. Such missiles are so fast and agile that they cannot be intercepted before hitting their targets.

The Chinese Communists are developing a similar weapon, which can easily destroy our most expensive aircraft carriers. A $5 million missile to destroy a $4,500,000,000 American aircraft carrier seems to be a fiscally sound military option for both the Russian and Chinese governments. A businessman like Trump should realize this.

Likewise, the Russian Khibiny electronic warfare system showed itself to be rather effective in crippling the computer-electronics system on Aegis destroyer USS Donald Cook in the Black Sea several years ago. So America’s alleged superpower status is rather ephemeral, to put it mildly.

Looking more carefully into the agenda of the Deep State elitists, we also should note that our military personnel tend to also be among those most likely to become responsible and caring parents for future generations of Americans. Thus, having them killed, betrayed or mutilated (psychologically or physically) in the line of duty will help to increase the percentage of babies in America born out-of wedlock, suffering from their mothers’ addiction to alcohol, drugs and/or tobacco, and neglected or abused because their parents find that providing proper care for them is too inconvenient. Promoting this trend does not seem to be the way to make America great again.

Thus it seems that Trump has become trapped in the quagmire of the Deep State swamp by allowing himself, among other things, to help perpetuate the subsidizing of Planned Parenthood. And he did this even though he knows Planned Parenthood continues to pit mothers against their unborn babies, to groom our children to be more open to sexual experimentation and exploitation (e.g., Olympic gymnasts cajoled into allowing  themselves to be molested), to promote the desecration and destruction of the nuclear family (e.g., “no-fault divorce”, “transgenderism”) and to help America to tally for babies brutally butchered in utero to grow to over 65 million.

Again, it does not seem that a $500 million annual subsidy to help those seeking to kill or morally degrade our posterity is the way to make America great again – unless, of course, a person agrees that Planned Parenthood’s record of aborting African-American babies at a rate more than three times that of white babies is helping to enhance the quality of life for all Americans.

Sadly, then, even though the Preamble of the Constitution mandates that we are to secure the blessings of liberty for our posterity, we are now de facto consigning our posterity to either death by abortion and drugs or to the oppressive debt slavery, which will be required to pay off our $21,000,000,000,000 national debt and tens of trillions of dollars worth of unfunded mandates. Ironically, as those who allegedly are opposed to “white racism” refuse to admit, this whole Auschwitz agenda, which consigns our posterity to death or to debt slavery, will come to a head precisely when America’s population becomes predominantly non-white.

Thus it is that the prayer of Barack Obama’s spiritual mentor, Jeremiah Wright, “God d—n America”, is being answered – not by our gracious and merciful God, but by those who reject His Kingship in favor of the secularist Culture of Desecration and Death. The new Omnibus bill helps to enhance and to perpetuate this juggernaut of America’s self-destruction.

Spero News columnist Thomas Collins resides in Virginia.




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