The 23-year-old son of an Oklahoma homeowner shot to death three potential burglars, reportedly with an AR-15 rifle. Sheriff’s deputies in Wagoner County went to a home in Broken Arrow, a town southeast of Tulsa at approximately 12:30 p.m. 
The deputies found the bodies of three suspects. All three male suspects were wearing ski masks. The two residents, father and son, at home were uninjured. A knife and a set of brass knuckles were found on the body of one of the suspects. Two of the dead have been described as being between 16 and 17 years old, while the third is said to be 18 years old.
According to Deputy Nick Mahoney of the Wagoner County sheriff’s department, the trio went into the residence through a glass door in the back. They found the teenaged son of the owner at home. Following an exchange of words, the teen allegedly opened fire with the rifle, killing two outright in the kitchen. A third suspect bled out on the driveway. A sheriff's department spokesman on the scene said that there appears to have been a "stand your ground" incident.
Deputy Mahoney said that an initial inquiry into the shooting found that it was in self-defense. The young man gave a voluntary statement at the sheriff’s office. Speaking to Tulsa World, Mahoney said, This is very, very unusual for us...It’s not something we’re used to.”
The suspected getaway driver, Elizabeth Rodriguez, 21, turned herself in to authorities. She is currently charged with three counts of burglary and three counts of murder. 
Neighbor Leon Simmons told a local television news station that he has noticed more and more vehicles driving slowly through the neighborhood over the last few months. He theorized that criminals have been casing homes in the area for burglaries. He added that most homes in the neighborhood are equipped with firearms and said that he plans to be armed in the future.



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