Muslim advocacy organizations, like some progressives and Democrats, are seeking to squelch free speech in discussions over the inroads of political Islam in the discussion of Islamic terrorism. Attorney Jennifer R. Breedon of The Clarion Project discussed in a Spero News podcast the tactics of groups such as the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), as well as Muslim extremists. Breedon said that Clarion Project president Ryan Mauro has received numerous death threats for speaking out about Muslim extremism, as have Muslims who have affiliated with Clarion. She said that Muslims who speak out are label “apostates” and thus condemned to death under Islam’s sharia law.
Among the Muslims who have had Islamic religious findings (fatwa) against them are Raheel Raza, who serves on the Clarion Project’s advisory board. 
As for Islamists’ public relations, and President Obama’s failure to name ‘Islamic terrorism’ as the source of violent extremist attacks on American soil, Breedon said that the goal is to curtail basic freedoms. 
Attorney Jennifer Breedon
“What the Muslim Brotherhood, what the political Islamists have intended to do, is to silence our freedom of speech. We call it political correction or political correctness. We call it all these other things, but what that really is, is the stripping away of the First Amendment. They don’t want say what it is. They go under the radar and want us to call it ‘hate crimes’ or ‘lone wolf gun attacks’ rather than the genocidal campaign that it is. And it sounds like President Obama has played right into their hands when he refuses to call it this. What he’s doing is exactly what they want.”
Breedon also said that CAIR has a “red carpet to the White House.” CAIR’s ideology, Breedon said, is consonant with the Muslim Brotherhood, which has sworn to infiltrate American government and politics. Evidence of the success of the public relations waged by CAIR, and its frequent visits to the White House, is seen in Obama’s refusal to name Islamic terrorism.
As for the attack in Orlando, where a U.S. citizen Muslim gunned down 49 people after having declared his allegiance to the Islamic State, Breedon said that the incident indeed meets the definition of an Islamist attack. Muslim extremist organizations, she said, “want to paint this as a hate crime, they want to paint it a far-right extremist influenced thing that made this individual hate himself for being homosexual. That’s not true.”
The Clarion Project was founded in 2006. It has produced several films concerning Islamic extremism, including “Obsession.” Ryan Mauro is its national security advisor who has appeared on numerous international and domestic television networks. Among its other advisors is Dr. M. Zuhdi Jasser, a devout Muslim who has advocated for the separation of mosque and state.



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