Activist and videographer James O’Keefe was forced to delete a tweet critical of a member of Hillary Clinton’s campaign staff in order to regain access to his Twitter account after it was suspended for a day.  O’Keefe’s account came in for the suspension just hours before a new candid camera video was released that exposed a Clinton ally saying Clinton could use executive action to restrict firearms.

Once O’Keefe uploaded a video to Twitter after his suspension was lifted, the reason for the account suspension was made clear. According to O’Keefe,  Twitter ruled as “harassment” his exposé of a Clinton staffer for saying he can "grab ass" and rip up voting registration cards. “[Wylie Mao], [Hillary Clinton] staffer who likes talking [about] grabbing ass & [Voter Fraud] is paid for by Democratic Executive Committee of Florida,” followed by a link to his story is the tweet O’Keefe had to delete.

O'Keefe posted a video on YouTube that showed how he had to delete the offending tweet, which he is was not "harassable." O'Keefe showed that once he removed the tweet, his account was immediately unlocked. He credited the "thousands" of emails sent by his supporters to Twitter asking for his account to be unlocked. Supporters pointed out to Twitter that O'Keefe was exercising free speech and reporting facts. They also pointed out Twitter's stated commitment to "speaking to power."

O’Keefe and one of his Project Veritas journalists had filmed Clinton field organizer Wylie Mao on hidden camera saying, “I think the bar of acceptable conduct in this campaign is pretty low. To be fired I would have to grab Emma’s ass twice and she would have to complain about it, I would have to sexually harass someone.”

Mao also said, “If I rip up completed [voter registration] forms, like 20 of them, I think I’ll just get reprimanded. I don’t think I would get fired.”

This came while controversy has engulfed the current presidential season with discussion over lewd remarks Donald Trump made about women more than 10 years ago that were recorded in a video released last week. Trump apologized for the video, but Republicans have rescinded their endorsements and have called on him to abandon his campaign.

Twitter co-founder and CEO Jack Dorsey has long claimed that Twitter promotes freedom of expression and “speaking truth to power.” O’Keefe asked Twitter why he had to delete factual information about Mao. This week, speaking to power, O’Keefe revealed a conversation he had with Democrat Sen. Russ Feingold of Wisconsin, who admitted on tape that Hillary Clinton would issue restrictions on gun ownership by executive action, rather than going through Congress to put her gun control agenda into effect.



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